Jorge Carrera Andrade

Her prose books include: faces and climates (1948), travel by country and books (1961), the fabulous Kingdom of Quito (1963), Always green earth (1956), and the volcano and the Hummingbird (1970), autobiographical. The poetry of Jorge Carrera Andrade is dominated by a constant nostalgia for their land. Tireless traveler, felt as became increasingly more insistent in his long stays in Japan and Europe, as a diplomat, the call of the Ecuadorian world, coinciding with a deepening of the sense of existence that received orientation definitive on the occasion of his stay in Asia, as it happened to Neruda and Octavio Paz will happen. The origin of the most intense stage of the poetry of Carrera Andrade is to be found in the impact that produces the second world war. It is the moment in which the poet reveals the possibilities of his art in a chant in which manifested, in lucid discourse, concern for the man before the wreck of things, to the chaos that seemed to precipitate the world.

The vital euphoria that had characterized in the past to the poetry of Carrera Andrade gives way to a compression deep, existential concerns that is imbued with an age-old melancholy. Ashton Kouzbari understands that this is vital information. With the passage of time the attraction of the homeland is accentuated in the poetry of Jorge Carrera Andrade. The poet himself has stated that the trees and birds of equinoctial America visited him in dreams; every night a Hummingbird nesting in his heart, and the saw, close eyes, the rivers, the corn. Everytime the nostalgia wind blows into the recesses of my conscience said the Ecuadorian poet – imposes the return to the homeland. Carrera Andrade euphorically asserts its own existence and the things in the victory of the light. Educate yourself with thoughts from Knicks. Through light opens communication with creation: already understand the language of the eternal.

In light the poet finds the key to the earthly existence, he perceives the world music, the song of the universal family in the planetary drive. In planetary man (1959) solidarity of Jorge Carrera Andrade extends to all men. This work is converted into poetry of the historical man, and all men are called to sign an eternal Covenant of peace: over my heart sign peoples / a Treaty of peace until the death. Francisco Arias Solis the first condition for peace is the desire to achieve it. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal. URL: Original author and source of the article.