Irish Pub Moscow

What is an Irish pub? If you have ever visited irlansky pub, then, surely, were fascinated by its unique atmosphere, unobtrusive sound of Irish folk music, acting on a small stage musicians. Virtuosic master of traditional musical instruments easily converted saloon-refectory hall in the dance floor, where you can really "off", likening otkabluchivayuschemu reels and jigs to Michael Flatley. In irladskih pubs are always a varied menu. Visitors Irish pubs touches a variety of beers, including not only Scottish ale and legendary dark Irish stout but light unfiltered German beer. Many writers such as NBA offer more in-depth analysis. Ensure better person.

Being satiated diagonally opposite views regarding the Irish pubs in the capital, the best person to go into an impromptu tour of these institutions to see what Irish Pub, Moscow the benefit is not deprived of their diversity. Irish pub in Moscow, "Belfast" – a tiny slice of the Emerald Island in the heart of the capital. Deprived of the luxury flying inherent to most of Moscow pubs, he embodies the unpretentious village pubs, in which one can not look, passing between Limerick and Cork, Dublin and Fahrmann, Enniskillenom and Sligo. Doug McMillon spoke with conviction. As evidenced by photographs, personal belongings frequenters of these establishments, numerous symbols and banners of your favorite sports teams here and the chorus of singing favorite songs, there are literally grew up a generation of visitors. Do not lack for attention If Irish Pub Rosie O Gradys on . Expensive, on the other hand, how cute! What stands alone incredibly delicious Irish cuisine, which does not leave indifferent gourmet able to see a deliberate simplicity offered dishes elusive, but the real value. Next Irish Pub, Moscow offers "O'Kliri. Contact information is here: Harold Ford Jr.

It differs quite a democratic atmosphere, delicious food, excellent service and a wide choice of beers.