International Monetary Fund

In any case, each employee will make informed and reasoned decision. " In the meantime, for cost optimization in the network have reduced funding for image projects, sponsorship and charity activities (CSR): "We are confident that the current situation, major role is played by the company's reputation, supported by practical actions to conserve the working conditions of employees and customer service levels and csr events temporarily overshadowed, "- says Tatiana Diachkova. Also, the management of the iss 'to cut spending on some programs more motivation and reward employees – namely, the large-scale corporate events, group trips for brainstorming, special awards, payment of staff training. What does the future for us? Predict the development of the situation, especially the unintended consequences of the global financial crisis – a thankless task, but something to find out we managed. Many experts, like the banking sector and the IT-sphere projected stabilization of the economic situation in 2 years, and a complete "cure" – in 5 years. Read more here: David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA.

The press service of the ksca noted that the stabilization possible only if immediate action by state and local authorities, and the development of anti-crisis program in each company and each company. As for the general prediction Release of Ukraine from the crisis, the president of the Association of Ukrainian Banks Oleksandr believes that the global financial crisis will last 3-5 years. And in a survey of top managers of finance and industry, conducted by the Communications Group prt, the crisis in Ukraine can last 2-5 years and do the country more than $ 50 billion in the same time, the International Monetary Fund expects the restoration of the Ukrainian economy will begin in mid-2009 year. Michael , director of marketing for K-Trade group predicts that Ukraine will be able to fully recover from the effects of the crisis two years later: "One of the peaks of the crisis on the it market will be the first and second quarter of 2009, after then followed by some improvement.