Intelligent Goals

Filter 3. – They are verifiable: This he is probably one of the aspects which the majority of people vacillates at the time of establishing goals and objectives, because it is to indicate how they will verify or they will realize of they have reached which them already. Example: To obtain an increase in the annual sales average of 6% with respect to the previous year. Here it is very easy to realize if the goal is obtained or no, and of not taking shape, how much lack to arrive at the wished situation. Very different to wish ” solely; To sell ms”. The goals and objectives must be measurable and quantifiable. Filter 4.

– They are realistic: To draw up to goals and objectives very superficially of our reach, our capacities and present situation have only a name: AUTOSABOTAJE. If for example somebody that does not do anything of exercise fixes as it puts: ” To arrive in the first place from the marathon of 30 km next mes” , it is very probable that it then does not obtain it does not have the suitable preparation. He is indispensable to be honest with same you and to recognize your present strengths and obstacles. To aim too high in that you have neither the experience, nor the training, nor the knowledge in a short period of time will diminish the probabilities of success and creates a sensation of low self-esteem, which takes to the downheart to draw up to new goals and objectives.