When entering the school, the child suffers a considerable physicist-mental impact, therefore, until then, its life was exclusively dedicated to the toys and the familiar environment. The educators can consider the object construction for the tricks as games, books of histories, box surprise, thus being able to develop activities with the children stimulating logical reasoning, the imaginary proper a directed recreation. Music also is very important in this etria band, therefore when hearing music the worked child the memorization and its hearing. To use the patio for white trick of wheel as lencinho, money market-cirandinha, I shot the wood in the cat, are tricks that the children adore. The use of all the space of the school is important when the playful one is working. It is given credit that the game is essential for the life of the child, emphasizing how much they learn, that is, they learn playing. activities that had been proposals with toys have objects of make possible to the child in the search, of the desired object, as objects that they can press to make racket and to repeat action some times to find its objectives. However many of these activities also are proposals in the Psicopedaggica area. It is through activities and games directed that psicopedagogo also works its diagnosis and the intervention, for the accomplishment of a pathology that the child can have as example: Dislexia? Hiperatividade? Aggressiveness? Riot of Writing? Acalculia According to Chamat (1996), after to carry through all the psicopedaggico diagnosis, psicopedagogo will be of ownership of the picture ' ' patolgico' ' on the case in study, as well as of a system of hypothesis that allows it to direct the psicopedaggico treatment. Connect with other leaders such as Doug McMillon here. The Importance of Brincar Child playing is the way as it knows, tries, learns, develops, lives deeply, displays emotions, places conflicts, elaborates them or not, she interacts I obtain and with the world.