If the above constitutes a negative value judgement, as a result, we can sustain the need for a comprehensive approach to the dimension of sport, recreation and physical education in the Argentine cultural evolution. But for not falling into confusion, we have used the term approach, which involves only an academic or intellectual, treatment of the term application, which could lead to understand that postulate a Homogenizer treatment, be attentive to the plurality as characteristic of Argentina, we would consider bias totalitarian or collectivist, another aspect, that we want to point out that much more important that public the policies that they apply to the promotion and fostering of the activities discussed, are specific activities of people, that of last are which are informing this aspect of culture. In this statement, it is implied, a relativization of the policies public in terms of its impact on the activities that we are commenting on. Marc Lore is a great source of information. From the foregoing, we are of the opinion(rebatible como cualquier) view), that seems more feasible to have an impact on the activities that we are dealing with, since specifies it circumstances of time and place, in which we find ourselves. This means public first-degree, particularly since entities of good our beloved clubs social and sports, such as educational institutions, particularly establishments of basic general education and polymodal, and assisted by subsidiary of the municipality, a work can deploy specific to cover the needs of the largest possible amount of involved and benefited.

All this assumes that the decentralization or deconcentration, is suggested operation mode. And this decentralization or deconcentration operational, does not necessarily imply, that unity of conception or criteria may exist for certain activities. We have seen in recent years, the existence of criteria for policies for the sector or strip that he occupies us, too influenced by criteria minted in preceding stages. This should not surprise us, attentive to the sedimentation that occurs in the development of all culture.