Goalkeeper Gloves

Under goalkeeper gloves means gloves, which have been developed specifically for the purpose of the soccer goalkeeper. However you get in sports shops and goalie gloves for other ball sports such as handball and hockey. At that time in the 70’s began the development of the current goalie gloves for soccer goalkeepers. In the many years prior to the 70’s played the most goalkeepers in the league, even without gloves. Occasionally they played in goal but also with simple protective gloves. A collaboration of Sepp Maier and the company was later managed the first goalkeeper gloves developed.

The so-called soft-grip goalkeeper gloves were a continuation of the already used rubber gloves and medical gloves. These new goalkeeper gloves were now genuine for the goalkeeper made. Nowadays, the development is its on-going ever further. There are, for example palm pads, make it easier for the goalkeeper, even in wet conditions a plastic ball to hold secure. The Glove inner surfaces are usually made of foam. This foam is a mixture of natural latex and synthetic latex and special components.

In general, this latex palm pads 2-4mm thick. Then there are those inside hand coverings made of a foam-latex and really easy to use this to quickly after frequent use and incorrect or missing from care. It is therefore recommended for normal training or training on goalkeeper gloves with firmer foam to fall back. Meanwhile, similar to football boots, goalkeeper gloves have been developed for different purposes. So you can buy including goalkeeper gloves from Adidas, Reusch Jako or for lawn, hard and artificial turf or the hall, in the many sports shops. If you would like to know more then you should visit Harold Ford Jr. When the goalkeeper gloves, which are found in the upper price ranges, there are also gloves which are intended to protect the fingers from injury. This goalie gloves have plastic rods in the upper hand, these plastic sticks to the impact force of the ball on the fingers is to reduce and avoid a twisting finger back. Almost all models goalkeeper glove has a velcro closure on the wrist.