Dumbbell Muscles

Slightly bend your elbows and lock the angle of the elbow unchanged until the end of the set. Hands are perpendicular floor. Take a deep breath and hold your breath, your arms in hand, dropping them strictly in the vertical plane. Once your elbows will be at shoulder level or below (you will feel much tension in the muscles of shoulders), without pause, change direction and begin to reverse slowly raise the dumbbell in a vertical plane, reducing them over the breast. Exhale do once overcome the most difficult part of motion or when the override my dumbbells together.

Breathe out and bring the dumbbell over the chest. At the top of the pause slightly, and even more tense chest muscles. Tips movement inherent in this exercise is "Pulling" (rather than the "pusher" as in the bench), so the correct form of the movement plays a more important role than the weight of the load. Used in the "wiring" dumbbell should be clearly easier to those with whom you are doing presses. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the muscles are working here, "slipshod", rather the opposite, because you always have to keep the dumbbells in the weight, so even on his outstretched hands. All the while keep your arms slightly bent at the elbows and change the angle of the elbow to the end of the set. Especially be alert at the bottom of the movement – be tempted to bend the arm, you turn the "wiring" in the press.