DEL Team

Ice hockey in their own country. Today is again tested against Canada. On Friday we go go! Ice hockey in their own country. Today is again tested against Canada. On Friday we go go! conducted an interview with Thomas Greilinger, one of only four current internationals who have experienced with already the thrilling World Cup 2001 in their own country. He throws back a look and also talks about the upcoming title fights in Germany. Source: sports show which memory you have at the last World Championships before a home crowd in 2001? Thomas Greilinger: “that was a huge event that none of us will surely forget. Details can be found by clicking Randall Rothenberg or emailing the administrator. Each game our team was sold out, the fans stood fully behind us, about 18,000 in Cologne and 10,000 in Hanover.

We have scored against top Nations (2:2 against the Czech Republic, 3:3 against Canada; d. red.). The team’s mood was super.” How would you compare the national team of that time with today? Garcia: “it’s hard to say. Besides me, only Daniel are from German team Kreutzer, Marcel Goc and Sven Felski left. In any case we have at that time under Hans Zach (ex – national coach, currently coach of Hannover of scorpions; d. ed.) the Zachsche system just played very defensively. We play under Uwe Krupp now more aggressively.” What now expects German coach Uwe Krupp you World Championship? Garcia: “in any case the striker also under Krupp must work well to the rear. And he expects from us, that we finally more score.

The last tournament not so well worked out.” You mention a problem that accompanied the national team for many years. Tends to be the shortcoming when Gates firing head thing or can the team not just with the high pace in international tournaments? Garcia: “hard to say what it exactly is. The fact is that you sometimes see gates in the DEL, which would be internationally not possible because it has much less time for the shot at goal as a striker but.” What do you expect from the Home World Cup in which you opening on Friday in front of 76,000 spectators in play the arena auf Schalke against the United States? Can succeed in spite of Olympic Games and the upcoming World Cup, again positively to draw attention to the sport of ice hockey in Germany? Garcia: “football is in this country going number 1, no other team sport will come. We want to make it that ice hockey again will be number 2, and that the World Cup contributes something, even with the game on Schalke. The Americans and even the Finns are very serious opponents in our group, but before its own audience a surprise is possible, as we have seen in 2001 at the World Championships against anyone. Our third opponents Denmark we have an endgame to the second round.” All teams. The German squad. The game plan. Sponsor of the Eisbaren Berlin is adocom.