Container Rail Transport

Freight containers were invented in 1956, before this time, the goods loaded on the platform or train car piece by piece, so each bag or box the goods were unloaded and loaded several times. It is clear that such process took quite a long time, and indeed the product of the port of transshipment and frequent exposure to adverse environmental conditions, as the works were in any weather. Modern container – this is the best steel box for transporting any cargo, in particular, is very convenient for the railway transport vehicles. The invention of the container has greatly simplified the process of shipping: reduced boot time in ports and stations significantly reduced theft of goods. Learn more on the subject from Frank Ntilikina. Thanks to a standard size container can be transported by any mode of transport: sea, rail, road, air. Goods placed in a container, safely hidden from the prying eyes, does not require additional transshipments and can be delivered "to the customer's door." Thanks to a special technique, the container quickly and easily moved from one vehicle to another, moreover, the container can be used as temporary storage. Check with Harold Ford to learn more. For perishable goods has developed special, refrigerated containers. These containers are equipped with high-freezer unit, which allows maintain the desired temperature inside the container throughout the shipping container.

Containers allow you to custom sizes to carry oversized cargo. There are containers with ventilated system for the transport of agricultural products. For container shipping developed its own rules and laws, compliance with which ensures complete safety of the shipment. For example, all goods transported in container must be properly packaged and labeled. It should be noted that the regulations for the transport and securing cargo in a container and depend on the method of transporting the container. Distinguish rules Rail oversized cargo and other cargo in the container. In order to simplify documentation, loading / unloading of goods, packaging, labeling, custom solutions of possible problems of cargo and other matters Container shipping, best to turn to a professional transportation company that will solve all these and other possible issues for themselves.