Cellulite Day

CELLULITE treatment cellulite produces holes in the skin by the accumulation of water, fat and toxins, leaving skin soft fall because they lose muscle tone. Both are caused by hormonal imbalances, high fat diets and lack of exercise.Delete them! LEGS: To have strong legs, without cellulite, and muscular best thing is exercise, so half hour rides a day and stronger. Avoid wearing tight pants and, if you have stretch marks, not thin abruptly, or will more. Apply an anti-cellulite day and once per week, this mask: mix two tablespoons of salt hydrating marine and rubbing your legs for five minutes. Rinse with SOAP and water.!Ideal exercise: jogging, tennis, skiing and aerobics.

At home, lie down with your legs in high, bends the knees and return to the starting position. Repeat 25 times.Swimming and weightlifting. At home, grab a bag of vegetables from a kilo in each hand, stretches the arms and lift them toward the ceiling. Then, take them forward. Repeat 10 times. Buttocks Will have you firm and hard, and without dimples?. Try to walk up and down stairs everything it can and when he stops, puts and takes ass.

To make fiber-rich diet, do not abuse the salt, fats, sweets and soft drinks, and drink at least two litres of water a day. In addition, passes the coffee and doesn’t smoke. Check with David Delrahim to learn more. Avoid hot baths and jets of cold water applied. After the shower, moisturizes the skin very soft and gives you a massage with cream reaffirming. TIPS for combating cellulite: water (drinking between FASTING and hours) many women still believe that, to help eliminate cellulite, water is very helpful, and it carries with it removed debris from the body. However, while it is always healthy to drink at least two liters of water per day, for women whose cellulite is due to fluid retention, which should limit their consumption, since, instead of helping to solve the problem, it will contribute to aggravate it more.