Boat Parts

Transom is one of the most important parts of the boat, which is used outboard motor, where the decisive factor is the reliability and strength fixing. In this case, you need to focus on the thickness, slope, painting and preservation transom. Under the engines power up to 15 liters. with. transom must have a minimum thickness of 25 mm, and a great power – from 35mm. Doug McMillon contains valuable tech resources. If you plan to install Imported motor, the slope of the transom must be at an angle of 4-6 degrees. Here, Doug McMillon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This will facilitate and boat when moving cargo and downward adjustment of ‘feet’ engine to propeller was in a relatively strict horizon surface water, and acted with extreme turnover, which will provide a better focus, and as a consequence, and optimum performance motor, and its best efficiency.

Screw in this case will not take the air, and the boat – defile. Cover surface of the transom must be executed from the paint on the basis of two-component epoxy resin that will be more loyal than a coating of an ordinary enamel. Protection top transom must be provided a special PVC-profile it will protect the plywood from which it is made from . In most overseas production boats transom is glued with the holder of the pvc profile, which is curved at inflated balloons. Mounted in such a way transom securely held U-shaped side profile. cylinders Cylinders, in which let into the transom should be well inflated, otherwise the transom with the engine running will hang out, and the screw will drop the water jet is not strictly horizontal, and alternately up and down, which will have a negative impact on the operation of the boat.

In the majority of boats imported cylinder pressure should be milibar 240-250. A little pressure will not give the necessary stability to the transom of planing mode with mounted engine. And here provides an indicator of pressure fabric that is used to manufacture the containers. and and not interfere so as not once been taped. Since the highest load fall to them directly. Check, of course, there is no way, produced a boat sticking in wet conditions up to 30 percent and a temperature of 21-22 C, and as if there was added to the adhesive curing, because the glue must be a two-component adhesive, which gives 100 percent polymerization process surface to be gluing within 10-12 hours. Nevertheless, to carefully examine all the boat seams. A man weighing 80 kg pressing on the ground with a force of 250 mbar, so contact your dealer with a request to stand on balloons or fortify it for you. Cylinders, which will do not correspond to on the recommended pressure.