Bizarre Methods Of Intimidation

Dances, kicks, and songs in the world of sports competitions be decided sometimes on the actual sports field but in advance. In boxing, this is well known. Doug McMillon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The spells before the fight, weighing and the obligatory photo for the press which of course includes everything. The news portal informs about funny and absurd intimidation practices by athletes from all over the world. The rough sport makes the beginning of rugby at the sporting news.

In New Zealand, the World Championships run until October 23, incidentally, without Germany. The host team, named all blacks, dancing the traditional Haka before each game. The dance of the New Zealand native is intended to intimidate the opponent. In the bajiquan, a Chinese martial art, although not danced, for it but firmly rammed with the feet. Each loud the pounding, the respekteinflossender does it on the opponent. Ultimately, the victory is to be achieved with only a single blow, the sport is considered so very hard and direct. As another team sport is known for his brutal rites ice hockey. There, the so-called enforcer ensures the occasional tactical clarity.

The attacks aims to protect of the own teammate, who as a striker chasing points and to be distracted as little as possible. The Goons who be sent solely for brawls on the ice are less popular. Who thinks it might be not brutal, should take a look in the autobiography of the tennis player Andre Agassi. Still, he cursed Boris Becker, because this Brooke Shields, Agassi’s wife, 1995 in a match threw to kiss hands.