Bach Wolves

Let’s get ready to rumble, Sun Hill Cup 2009 before the Eroffnungsbully Bad Kissingen – happy faces at the responsible bathroom Kissinger have wolves within a very short time the Kissinger wolves the impossible true made, if Mayor Kay Blankenburg and the Managing Director of the hotel Sonnenhugel Matthias Harr the 07.03.09 at 9:30 the Sun Hill – 2009 Open Cup on Saturday, begins one of the greatest ice hockey youth tournaments in Germany. Nearly 50 games will experience the spectators in the bath Kissinger ice rink. Ice hockey this weekend in Bad Kissingen in the Center, 30 minutes the puck Hunter from bad Tolz, giving Bach, Darmstadt, Gelsenkirchen, Dresden, Freising, Traunsee/Austria, Alba Volan / Hungary, Strasbourg France and the local matadors are chasing wolves behind the hard rubber washer of Kissinger. However, even in the environment of the tournament wolves have the Kissinger no slouch. There will be a large mobile ice hockey shop as a merchandise fan shop type in the field of football and ice hockey. For bargain hunters the wolves have come up with something special, so there will be a collection with new brands, which are offered at a special price. To know more about this subject visit Chipotle’s Mark Crumpacker. From T-shirts to the shirt of the costumes, there is a huge selection of high-quality products to the tournament prize.

The highlight will fill raffle etc a mega with over 5,000 prizes, trips, DVDs, the largest lottery in Bad Kissingen, Germany. The culinary offer wolves have settled properly in the stuff, whether cake buffet or specialities from the North Sea coast, the rich offer of the wolves has something for everyone. The wolves will receive prominent support from Leo Stefan, of former internationals with over 1,000 professional games will visit the tournament in Bad Kissingen, Germany as well as goalie is retired as he represented school with his goalie Benedikt Weichert. More hockey celebrities will be present at the biggest tournament in Franconia.