Anything That You Might Not Know About Coffee

The main daily users of Internet are office workers. the ‘official’ government office is just an excuse to drink coffee. Well, what else to drink for those who yuzaet Network evening and at night, when so sleepy? Of the 750 billion cups (cups, mugs, cups) of coffee each year drunk humanity, much of it is used in front of a monitor. But both the office and the Internet have become ‘killers’ good natural coffee. Indeed, in a rare office there is a gas or electric stove, where you can prepare it the ancient traditional way – in the ‘Turk’. Or even regular coffee maker or apparatus for ‘espresso’. To know more about this subject visit Harold Ford Jr. And so much reluctance break away from the monitor to get out of a soft chair! Even at home.

And this despite the fact that today is known around 1200 technology, tanks and apparatus for brewing coffee! Alone structures coffee mills humanity invented more than 200. But all of them threw it into the knockout kettle and a packet of ‘three in one’. That and coffee to name can be a stretch. Many coffee lovers somehow believe that the homeland of this plant is South America. For it is there to Europe and the U.S. bring its “best grades’ – by which they mean by labels on cans and packages. In fact, the first coffee beans were welded in Ethiopia, even in the ix century. Then coffee passionately carried away by the Arabs who own after the invention of ‘Turks’ – jug to his brew.