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Intelligent Goals January 28, 2014

Filter 3. – They are verifiable: This he is probably one of the aspects which the majority of people vacillates at the time of establishing goals and objectives, because it is to indicate how they will verify or they will realize of they have reached which them already. Example: To obtain an increase in the annual sales average of 6% with respect to the previous year. Here it is very easy to realize if the goal is obtained or no, and of not taking shape, how much lack to arrive at the wished situation. Very different to wish ” solely; To sell ms”. The goals and objectives must be measurable and quantifiable. Filter 4.

– They are realistic: To draw up to goals and objectives very superficially of our reach, our capacities and present situation have only a name: AUTOSABOTAJE. If for example somebody that does not do anything of exercise fixes as it puts: ” To arrive in the first place from the marathon of 30 km next mes” , it is very probable that it then does not obtain it does not have the suitable preparation. He is indispensable to be honest with same you and to recognize your present strengths and obstacles. To aim too high in that you have neither the experience, nor the training, nor the knowledge in a short period of time will diminish the probabilities of success and creates a sensation of low self-esteem, which takes to the downheart to draw up to new goals and objectives.

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Buenos Aires January 22, 2014

Its lengthy visualization allows to realise suggestive inferences. Like our development this traccionado by the judgment of value of demographic deconcentration, we are going to put emphasis in around 1440 populations that are in the rank of the 600 to the 20,000 inhabitants, as well as of the urban centers inferiors to that amount. This takes implicit not only to encourage to the voluntary migrations from the metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires and the other smaller metropolitan areas, as well as of the capitals of province; but also to maintain stable to the volumes of the smaller establishments to those than we finished mentioning, but that the 20,000 inhabitants surpass. In very heavy numbers, these last establishments serian around 120. He is interesting to emphasize taking like parameter to the railway network, still in the advanced state of deterioration that is, to verify that at least an amount of establishments or potentials exists identified establishments similar to the 1440 for the purposes of deconcentration: That is to say, we would work to the effects deconcentrators with around three thousand (3000) urban establishments. With exception of Tierra Del Fuego, is almost exceptional that are urban centers outside the railway network. It is but; there are some settled in the hope of a railway branch, that in spite of being authorized legally did not get to be elevated, for want of budget or by to have decayed the interest of the investors authorized. Despite existing several railway junctions with establishments superiors to the twenty thousand inhabitants, he is possible to verify there are that them in cities of the rank that we have chosen, and that in ours to understand have a potential to develop, mainly considering the horizon of a society that will have to mobilize itself without hydrocarbons in the future not so distant (subject on which we will return more ahead).

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Good March November 23, 2013

When all good march By Serafn Alarcn Bendice, soul mine, to Jehovah, Blesses all my being his santo names. It blesses, soul mine, to Jehovah, and you do not forget any its benefits. Sal.103: 1-2 That good is when everything in our life marches well, when the sun shines in our faces and the fresh breeze of the life smoothly caresses the cheeks of the heart. If, that good is That good when an oration is answered affirmatively and far better if it occurs in the possible short time but. That wonderful when after having lost a use the Gentleman provides another one, sometimes better.

When it heals to us of a disease, when it helps us in a test, examination, challenge. Wonderful, beneficial us it has been to know him and nevertheless How fast we forgot the commitment, the fidelity promises, the vote to proclaim its name. How little sometimes we remembered others to him what God has done in our lives, the almost infinite occasions in which its fidelity has been the daily routine. So that? So that we forgot so fast? So that it will be that after our oration is answered is no grace action that extends in saying it with words In Lc 17,11 the writing narrates the history of ten leprous men who were healed by Jesus. Only one of the ten returns to thank and to praise reason why God had done in its life, ironically this Samaritan era. Care brother, taken care of that inconverso, a Samaritan one, but is thanked for or has greater brings back to consciousness that we who as much sometimes we boasted ourselves to be " town of God Christ wishes that we go beyond to be Christian of stickers in the windshields of the cars. It wishes, and today he remembers to us that to be Christian any denominational and religious concept extends. That good when all this good.

When the life smiles to us. But, and if were different We would praise? Psalm 23 Jehovah is my shepherd; nothing I will need. In places of delicate grass it will make me rest; Next to rest waters it will shepherd to me. My soul will comfort; It will guide to me by footpaths of justice by love of his name. Although it walks in valley of death shade, No I will fear bad some, because you will be with me; Your twig and your cayado will instill breath to me. You decorate table in front of me in the presence of my angustiadores; You anoint my head with oil; my glass is overflowing. Certainly the good and the mercy will follow to me every day of my life, and in the house of Jehovah I will dwell by long days. These in the hands of the Gentleman you do not doubt but and dale thanks for all the good one that it has done in your life. Christ has been faithful; And your? Original author and source of the article.

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