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The Time December 20, 2013

The Time the time for the thought is not static, is always imprisoned between the past and the future, the society lives projecting its yearnings and aspirations in tomorrow. What we make, what we conquer, everything this makes with that the people if put into motion between the past and the future. The technology, at last the politics, the religions everything that is created or cultuado in the gift has as purpose the future to be saboreado or frustrated by some moment in the past. The gift is in certain way, as the immovable engine written by Aristotle, in reference the God as the perpetual gift. Inside of this point of view the people try to surpass what she was created in the past as purpose in the gift that runs away from us. An example of this is the sports where goals for the victories exist that are planned in the past to be surpassed in the future.

I read many writers saying or writing that we have that to live in the gift, as if the time stopped. Each moment that we are making a reflection, or imagining what we made and what let us have that to make, it deliberates with that we let us not have domain nor let us be motionless in the present time. We have certainty of the past we live deeply because it, and have certainty of the future because we are livings creature, however the present one only serves of connector link of the thought with the two time that are always interacting. Pablo Balba.

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Parasitology October 15, 2013

After the lessons, next to the tests, pupils they remained in the laboratory to take off its doubts with Horcio and Luana, that continued studying Parasitology with tenacity. After all, he could not disappoint Horcio, that trusted it a task of the biggest responsibility. The monitoria made with that Luana if approached to Horcio. They talked on many things: politics, religion, sports, the nurse profession, the professor profession you discipline, them that Luana attended a course in that semester, tests, family This proximity, that incipient and exactly amena, it made with that Luana if enchanted still more with Horcio. it could swear that Horcio was if interesting for it. However, Horcio did not take any initiative of bolder approach. Luana was insane with this. One day, created courage and asked if Horcio was married.

– Not, I am not married. But I have namorada. – It is? It has how much time namoram? It thinks about if marrying it? it inquired Luana. Horcio smiled. It said that it namorava has one year almost and that it did not think about if marrying, after all its namorada had only 22 years and was starting the mestrado one in the same laboratory where Horcio made its doutorado. Both needed to have a professional and financial situation more insurance for this. The sand castles of Luana had fallen.

The namorada one of Horcio was younger of what it he was mestranda. It was supervisor of school and student of nursing. The young woman had to be sufficiently intelligent, therefore so young already she had been approved in an election of after-graduation in an area sufficiently concurred. Luana passed some time thinking about a skill to make Horcio to be interested for it and both to be together. After some nights in clearly, it concluded that she was a mature woman, reasonable experienced and that it could very be well declared for Horcio.

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