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Lucie Safarova March 2, 2016

If it loses, never sees tennis on television, prefers hockey ice, and still at Manchester United, but also the Barca, likes for his way of playing as a team. Real Madrid says that they are individual pieces, pointing. His mentality as a player stands out that BERDYCH is very linear but at the decisive moment it decays and need something more special as the character of Nadal. However in a decisive way tiebreaker is the second or third player who wins more. There goes up. In fact has a psychological primer that teaches you techniques for thinking things in according to that moment. Jose Felix Gonzalez only has seen few times to Berdych outside sill. Generally not he gets mad, I’ve seen you just as well twice, last year at the Masters, when he lost to Djokovic after going ahead, and this year in Wiston-Salem, after having three match points and failing them, there broke for the first time a racket in these two years with him, he recalled.

The team also has their hobbies. They have the rule of not shaving since they start the first match until they finished the tournament, and wear the same shirt all, he said. They are very strict on the job and often hit by lack of communication, but what if it is clear that each has a key role in the team for Thomas to succeed, said Gonzalez.BERDYCH is very familiar, is always in contact with their parents, and speaking by phone with her mother every day, is very aware of it, said Gonzalez. Last July, Berdych broke up with his previous girlfriend, tennis player Lucie Safarova, with whom he had shared nine years. The change did not seem to affect you too. He continued his work concentrated and very soon appeared his current girlfriend, the young model’s 19 years Ester Satorova. He was having new girlfriend and win the tournament in Beijing. She is a girl, but are happy and lives 30 miles from his village, Valasske Mezirici see more: Jose Felix Gonzalez, the Spanish who cares about Tomas Berdych

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Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba February 1, 2016

ZP on Rubalcaba: is capable of winning an election in 10 months. Zapatero has said that he is a runner and time will prove him right. The first Vice-President of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has given this Saturday if the request that the dome of the PSOE has made that he chooses to be the candidate of the party to the leadership of the Executive in the forthcoming general elections. Rubalcaba has thus appeared before the Committee of the Federal Executive of the PSOE which this Saturday at Ferraz was held to announce that it will present to the primaries: I am at your disposal, I’m going to submit to primaries, he said, to add that he believes that he has the support of the people of the party. It is true that I have always been available to my party and my country.

And I will campaign and ask the vote for the PSOE, has sentenced. In his speech to the highest organ of the party between congresses, he has praised that the PSOE in this process did an exercise in responsibility and maturity while respecting the times and forms.I came here having it done and I have not made nor a single declaration, they counted on the fingers of two hands colleagues who I have heard of this in private, he said. According to Rubalcaba, his candidacy for the primaries is motivated by three reasons: by my ideas, by the people, who hopes to give them reasons to return, and by the militants, has emphasized.It is the site, the place and the moment to say so to the match, said Rubalcaba. The Interior Minister has assured that since Sunday the PSOE has begun to make self-criticism.

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A Co-pilot Tried To Take Advantage Of The Arrival Of The Pope To Introduce 42 Kilos Of Cocaine In Spain January 20, 2016

The detainee, R.G.G, of 42 years, meant that there would be a relaxation of anti-drug controls with special device of WYD. Aeromexico has issued a statement indicating that it has suspended the employment relationship with the co-pilot. The co-pilot remains in Soto del Real prison. Aeromexico co-pilot tried to exploit the arrival of Pope Benedicto XVI to Barajas the past day 18 to introduce in Spain 42 kilos of cocaine, relying on much of the ctive of Customs had been intended at that time to ensure the safety of the Pontiff. As reported by the Civil Guard, arrested, R.G.G, of 42 years, meant that the tax service of the Civil Guard agents would form part of the special device of the world youth day (WYD) and, therefore, would a relaxation of anti-drug controls, so ventured to carry that large amount of drugs in a single lump in his luggage. The co-pilot, who remains in Soto del Real prison, was arrested at his arrival from Mexico D.F.

once his suitcase had been registered in a regular review of luggage after awakening the suspicions of security forces. Aeromexico has issued a statement indicating that it has suspended the employment relationship with the co-pilot. In December 2010, three flight attendants from the same company that flew in as tourists were detained in Madrid Barajas airport with 140 kilos of cocaine in their luggage, which was considered the largest amount of drugs intercepted at the Madrid airport. Source of the news: co-pilot tried to take advantage of the arrival of the Pope to introduce 42 kilos of cocaine in Spain

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Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro May 13, 2014

The President of Venezuela is still recovering in Havana after a cancerous tumor was removed. The Government denies that the cancer has spread to the colon or intestine. The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, appeared in a new video recorded Saturday and broadcast Sunday by chain of State television Venezolana de Television (VTV), in which the President appears very talkative and eating fruit in the company of d I of daughters. Chavez, dressed in sportswear with the colors of his country, appears under a tree in a garden sitting at a table with his daughters Maria Gabriela and Rosa Virginia, telling anecdotes of his youth, while you enjoy a snack of, says Mandarin and mango. In the conversation, which lasted about 20 minutes of animated form and with the usual loquacity, Chavez sent greetings to several Presidents of America. Many thanks to Rafael Correa President of Ecuador, who gave me these lenses when we were in one of the trips, said Chavez, who in the initial part of the video appeared with sunglasses.

Chavez also said the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, and the former player of football Diego Maradona said they wanted to see a Havana. Evo already told me that he comes to see me here and also Maradona confirmed me, said the Venezuelan President. Ente others also greeted with great joy the Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, and the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, as well as to the Peruvian President, Alan Garcia. Philosophy in conversation with their daughters spoke of the work thus spoke Zarathustra, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who, he said, occupies part of your reading time in the last days in Havana, where he said, rises every day at five in the morning. Happy birthday Venezuela, 200 years, ends Chavez video, with allusive greetings from Bicentennial which meets next Tuesday the South American country. The new images match multiple widespread pictures tambioen this Sunday in Havana with prints of the time referred to in the video. Chavez announced last Thursday that was removed a cancerous tumor and who receives treatment against the disease in Havana, where he arrived on June 8 and also underwent surgery for a pelvic abscess. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, insisted Sunday that the President was extracted the tumor completely and at time, and denied that he had cancer of colon or intestine, in addition, ensure that it is in an almost miraculous recovery process. Source of the news: Hugo Chavez grateful for the support received in a new video with his daughters

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