Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

ZP on Rubalcaba: is capable of winning an election in 10 months. Zapatero has said that he is a runner and time will prove him right. The first Vice-President of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has given this Saturday if the request that the dome of the PSOE has made that he chooses to be the candidate of the party to the leadership of the Executive in the forthcoming general elections. Rubalcaba has thus appeared before the Committee of the Federal Executive of the PSOE which this Saturday at Ferraz was held to announce that it will present to the primaries: I am at your disposal, I’m going to submit to primaries, he said, to add that he believes that he has the support of the people of the party. It is true that I have always been available to my party and my country.

And I will campaign and ask the vote for the PSOE, has sentenced. In his speech to the highest organ of the party between congresses, he has praised that the PSOE in this process did an exercise in responsibility and maturity while respecting the times and forms.I came here having it done and I have not made nor a single declaration, they counted on the fingers of two hands colleagues who I have heard of this in private, he said. According to Rubalcaba, his candidacy for the primaries is motivated by three reasons: by my ideas, by the people, who hopes to give them reasons to return, and by the militants, has emphasized.It is the site, the place and the moment to say so to the match, said Rubalcaba. The Interior Minister has assured that since Sunday the PSOE has begun to make self-criticism.