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France Spain April 30, 2014

The victory approaches the feminine selection to the quarters of end of the match. It is the first combined triumph of Spanish in this the second phase (66-57). Latvia planted face but it ended up yielding before the greater quality of Spain. The feminine Spanish selection of basketball obtained before Latvia, thanks to its good dnsa, as important victory as necessary, first of the second phase that, in addition, it places in good position to reach the quarters of end to the national combined one. After falling quarter in front of France, conscious in the last than it was in game, Spain left in whirlwind with strong dnsa and arranged to run in attack to the smaller opportunity.

Thanks to it hardly secured a 6-0 initial in average minute and before Latvia that failed much in attack and that needed ten possessions to obtain his first basket. Nevertheless the Baltic selection found too much soon the antidote against the Hispanic energy, a pressing zone that cut by root the fluidity of points in attack, where once again it lay down in lack to Amaya Valdemoro. For more than five minutes the Spanish equipment was not able to write down a single point and Latvia gave back to the partisan, placing a meager tie to six in the marker. At the end of the first period, 13-10. A low marker that reflected how dnsas of both equipment was dominated the attacks. Latvia did not change to its exposition dnsivo in the second fourth and national equipment, although fitting his attacking movements, it followed with annotation problems. The best thing was than Spain followed with great dnsa and so the Baltic also followed with problems at the time of seeing the hoop. The marker followed very even and short, but in the last three Spain minutes it began to find solutions of the hand of A na Montaana and its attendances to Sancho Lyttle, whereas in dnsa it maintained the level with sporadic changes to zone and pressing after free shots or serves of band.

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Athletes November 29, 2013

It advanced Villa, Jonathan Soriano and Pedro had to give mobility him before athletic dnsa of the Bavarians. The reality is that the Bara had problems in the circulation of ball and nothing comfortable felt. For that reason, the first occasions of the azulgrana arrived at stopped ball. A pair of lack sent by David Villa, especially first who put in hardships to Butt (m.12), was the first warnings of the azulgrana. Bayern moved well in the transitions dnsa-attacks, especially by means of the Japanese Usami, very fast in the band. A center of the Japanese, ended by Petersen, was the first approach of the equipment of Heynckes, but not clearer it. Usami, in the 39, only left to Praises before Buckets and the azulgrana goal demonstrated its quality in the one against one.

Just later, in one of the few appearances of Thiago Alcntara, the azulgrana midfield player gave samples of his class. To Thiago the challenges go to him a center from the left of From Soria Jonathan was hopeless of head to goal by Thiago (0-1, m.42), a soccer player who is in gust of wind, because she already marked in the party of yesterday before the International of Porto Alegre. With the passage of the minutes, inertias of the equipment changed. It gave Guardiola rest to good part of his holders and at the time of game, Heynckes was giving entered good part of its more determining players: Schweinsteiger, Mario Go’mez, Kroos or Mller. Thus, the Bayern left its bet by the muscle and put more talent on turf, but to the Bara gave equal him. Faithful to its way to see soccer, as soon as Thiago took the reins from the situation, already without Iniesta, the azulgrana returned to be brilliant. After a good intervention of Pinto, to closing of Boateng (m.74), the azulgrana connected a good play of attack. Afellay from the left combined with Thiago and after a wall with the Dutch, the midfield player received in the frontal of the area from where he shot with CTO and of spectacular way to mark 0-2. Source of the news: The Bara gains the Audi Glass after defeating to the Bayern de Munich

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