Typically, preference, or other type of favor depending on what ride friends and acquaintances. Very rare individual fans on the slope. This is partly due to the fact that both skiing and snowboarding, rather complicated in technical terms the form master who without the help of a friend or trainer (coach), it is virtually impossible. If you would like to know more about Michael J. Bender, then click here. Very often parents bring their children to learn to ride a snowboard, show their fears that Snowboarding is a very traumatic to view. And how many more contrive to discourage or prohibit the deal is for this reason! Snowboarding, with the right approach and the gear is even safer than downhill skiing. and secret ka strange – a rigidly attached foot to a snowboard. And surprisingly, snowboarding – it's freedom – say his fans! While watching the flour snowboarder moving in a horizontal plane, believe in it enough! It is believed that snowboarding – it's youth culture, and downhill skiing – an endangered species.

Let's ask nyuskulerov – kids skiing and doing the same, and often even more tricks than snouborery. In Europe nyuskul rapidly winning over the position from the board. Stories that 'stand' on a snowboard is easier than skiing, oddly enough, true. True, and that compared usual instructors who skate and snowboarding and skiing, and They say it is a 'first steps' made under their supervision. It is from this perspective, 'put' on a snowboard can be faster than downhill skiing. Further growth of skill – the inheritance of the few riders, and as in any other sport, he associated with continuous and spirited workouts, occupying all my free time. Summing up, I want to advise to choose something that is the soul, or try to ride and downhill skiing and snowboarding. On that fact, and there hire all the skiing kurortah.Da and learn alternate is never too late, after all the basic principles of riding remain firm and do not depend on which to ride! See you on the slopes !