So no less than what you would not possess unique knowledge, few parents know that classes at the wall bars in the first years of life strengthen not only muscles and improve immunity, but also promote early intellectual development, harmonizing the physical and intellectual development of children. Most often, parents consider it their duty to prepare for the school to teach a child independently or with the help of teachers to read, count and write. Muscular effort, which the child takes to sit still during these sessions simply Herculean. To fragile muscle corset around the spine of the child survived such early loading is important to prepare for this baby through physical exercises and gymnastics. Swedish wall will be in this period thus indispensable for the future first-grader. If you wanted to know more about the projectile about its types, you can proceed to the site of the game of sports equipment.

We both ran along the history of the projectile, which require learned lessons on it. And what kind of exercises can be performed, having at hand wall bars Perhaps start with the easiest. The most simple exercises on the Swedish side of all parents know: 1.Vis on the bar or horizontal bar – you can make a family competition, and you can have the results tomorrow to beat yesterday's record. " You will help to help your baby learn to mentally reach what is today still is for him impossible. Taught not to fear difficulties. Exercise room for growth – is bismuth on the one hand, well, if you will be able to set an example for your child. It would be so proud of you! Be sure to praise the child and often repeat: "You see, yesterday, you still could not, and learned today! And remember, before you even up to 3 could not hang, and today up to 15 can, lad! "2.Podtyagivanie feet (first bent and then straight lines) to the belly of Vis on the bar wall bars – at the same time strengthening the press and muscles of the front of the thigh, hand and massage the abdominal cavity.

3.A if you roll over and lift the foot back until it touches the buttocks, the load provided by the muscles of buttocks and back of the thigh. 4.B completion FizKult-minute useful to hang on the wall bars upside down, unless contraindicated by a physician. This is a very useful exercise – prevention of stroke and improve blood supply to the brain. Dear Parents, remember that physically strong and a child's development is not afraid of any stress and disease. Often invite him to move and play together in outdoor games. (Similarly see: Michael J. Bender). Your goal – to make the exercise of this need for a child – is the healthiest habits you can plant. Hope that my recommendations and wall bars will help you become more healthy and therefore happy!