Current Messedeko And Veranstaltungsdeko

A professional Ballondeko is always a special eye-catcher. At trade fairs, business opening, and for all other events the appropriate decoration is searched again and again to attract the customers, an interesting solution is described here. A Ballondeko is made individually, taking into account also the respective company colours. A classic balloon decor is available in different variants: the balloon Garland: the balloon Garland there with different patterns, usually uses a so-called spiral pattern (double or simple rotation). This Garland can be made in any length, it must be only simple mounting options for hanging. Here an example: the balloon column: A balloon column consists of a stable substructure with corresponding weights, in order to ensure optimum.

The pillars are made usually 2 meters high, a giant balloon with 60 cm or 80 cm diameter can be mounted on the columns. Here an example: the balloon arch: A Balloon arch is basically an enhanced version of the balloon column, because here are 2 pillars connected with a structure and the balloons it linked. This bow is an eye-catcher for every entrance – the arc can be adjusted in length. Also find an example: this professional Ballondeko for any kind of events used, E.g. on measuring exhibitions, promotion, anniversary opening / reopening, promotions, parties, party, Festival, Festival, but also in the private sector on birthdays, weddings and many other events. More information about Ballondeko / Festdeko you find on the Internet: party Jorg Hulsmeier