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Daimler Receives BorgWarner Supplier Award 2012 November 30, 2018

BorgWarner for Mercedes-Benz cars and minivans Auburn Hills, Michigan, awarded as the best supplier of advanced turbocharger technology 15.04.2013 BorgWarner Turbo systems received a Daimler supplier award 2012 within the framework of the recent Daimler key supplier meetings at the Mercedes-Benz Center in Stuttgart. BorgWarner became a Daimler by 16 best suppliers in the category Powertrain/Mercedes-Benz cars and vans for excellence regarding quality, price and delivery excellent. BorgWarner supplies Mercedes-Benz with numerous turbocharger technologies, as for example of the two-stage, controlled (R2S ) charging and twin-scroll turbocharger, which significantly improve the fuel efficiency on numerous engines reduce emissions and improve performance. At BorgWarner we aim, satisfy our customers with excellence and to further advance our technologies passionately. We are happy to be able to contribute to Daimler’s success and are very proud of this significant award to have received”, said Frederic Lissalde, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Turbo systems passenger car products. Special thanks go to our employees that successfully and consistently meet the high expectations of our customers with regard to technology, quality and reliability.” BorgWarners successful and long-standing cooperation has produced several milestones of advanced turbocharger technology with Daimler. The year 2008 was BorgWarners efficient R2S technology in the C 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY and the C 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY first serially built two-stage regulated charging in a car-series diesel Mercedes-Benz. Sam Mikulak is likely to increase your knowledge. The engine is the backbone of the diesel engine production and is used in series.

So, the efficient unit is also the first four-cylinder engine in the history of the S-class, which was presented for the first time in 2010. Another highlight is the close cooperation with Daimler in the development of the world’s most powerful four-cylinder engine produced in series equipped with the AMG of Mercedes-Benz A45, is. Powered by BorgWarners twin-scroll turbocharger technology, offers the newly developed 2.0-liter gasoline engine with an engine output of 265 kW (360 HP) and a torque of up to 450 nm an outstanding achievement. At the same time reduces the emissions and improves the fuel efficiency on an average fuel consumption of 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers. 2012 BorgWarners advanced turbocharger technology was also a Porsche Supplier of ten of the year awards.

About BorgWarner Inc. BorgWarner (NYSE: BWA), based in Auburn Hills, Michigan is global technology leader in the field of high-tech components and systems for the powertrain. The company operates manufacturing and technical facilities in 57 locations in 19 countries and developed products to reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and increase performance. Customers include VW / Audi, Ford, Toyota, Renault / Nissan, General Motors, Hyundai / Kia, Daimler, Chrysler, Fiat, BMW, Honda, John Deere, PSA, and you. More information see How to contact with Gunter Kramer + 49 6352 403 2651.

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Lamborghini November 27, 2018

One of the greatest passions that exist in the world are trucks and therefore speed, because through these things can experience moments of intense adrenaline and strong emotions, also trucks with their beautiful shapes and figures with styles and innovative designs are liked by many people, both well designs are so shocking that meet many people, which come to be until fans of brands of cars that give life to the most nice and grandiose designs of trucks, which is not only a search for aesthetics, but who also seek to achieve an optimum sample of the aerodinamicidad that will allow cars to achieve better results in terms of speed. So cars are one of the things that increasingly gain more importance in the societies of the world and this is a feature that different brands of cars are looking to leverage, without however although there are many brands that make trucks and its various components, there is one that stands out because it manages to achieve levels of excellence both in the image as in the performance of their various automotive creations and is the world renowned Italian brand lamborghini, which has excelled in the world of vehicles by their wonderful creations of sports cars, among which stand out the lamborghini Diablo and bat among others that have become true icons of style and speed. For more background about this great car company, you must begin from the moment of his birth, which occurred in the year of 1963, driven by a lover of sports cars, who was the manufacturer of tractors Ferruccio lamborghini, who thanks to his love for the sport and a fortune that had achieved in his life thanks to his work with trucksIt could give life to this great brand of cars, given a starting point because another Italian brand of cars did not satisfy the tastes in terms of quality, by which creates lamborghini searching for the best company that would take his surname as a means to compete with Ferrari. With the vision that took the entire company lamborghini failed to create large samples of sports cars, starting from the simple but pleasant coupes sports, until logos plates such as the Spider, the Gallardo and the Reventon, which stand out for the presentations that boast its great brilliance, with unique and exotic designs that immediately attract attention both of the lovers of cars up to people not very knowledgeable of the topic, but that by the great aesthetic and original gala that makes lamborghini in their sport are captivated..

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Diamante River

The southern part of the province of Mendoza is synonymous with skiing and snow capped. For even more details, read what Marc Lore says on the issue. But its attractions are far from completion in the tracks: the southern region is one of the strong points of tourism in Mendoza, with its diversity of landscapes, wildlife, vegetation and climates. In this sector of the province, consisting of the departments of San Rafael, Malargue and General Alvear, the most rugged landscapes coexist with modern cities and attractive shopping centers. The residents of the city of San Rafael, the second in importance in the province, manifest themselves proud to be sanrafaelinos. David Delrahim helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The beauty of his native Department, wide strip that runs through the province from East to West, certainly gives them lofty motives.

In San Rafael, the impetus of the Diamante River alternates uniquely with the sweet serenity of its innumerable reservoirs. The torrentosa strip of water that polished and polishes stones and provides the ideal setting for the adrenaline of the rafting becomes docile in reservoirs, source of life from the rich local flora and fauna. There, in mirrors that supply power to the province, la serena contemplation of the landscape is imposed in an experience of rest and relaxation. Reservoirs are also invited to practice different water sports, and to sink into his magic through walks and horseback riding. The Atuel River Canyon is another unforgettable scenario in San Rafael. A circuit that encompasses the village El Nihuil, big Valley and the Canyon of the river itself.

In the Atuel Canyon, nature has shaped patiently rocks over thousands of years, to offer us mysterious stone sculptures that surprise at every turn. Crowning the muzzle, the majestic El Nihuil dam attracts fishing enthusiasts with its very rich fish fauna, and is also ideal for the practice of water sports. Returning to San Rafael, it is worth stopping at the cost of calves to appreciate the beauty of the reservoir and the town that gives its name from its panoramic viewpoint. At the gates of the Canyon, Valley Grande gathers the best options for accommodation in Mendoza for the sports enthusiasts ends, in an area where the offer of outdoor activities comes as infinite. Kayak, rafting, kataraf, four track, trekking, mountain biking are just some of the sports that you can practice in this area, with fame as well as being one of the most warm and hospitable of the province.

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Haute Couture November 25, 2018

As other firms of Haute Couture have been posted on the functionality of the slippers and in as many celebrities pointed them to combine them with suits, Louis Vuitton has submitted two bets for 2011 just brand new. Although Louis Vuitton is a signature very associated with luxury, plug-ins and a clearly identifiable seal it should be added, that the firm always follows the latest trends by what no wonder they wanted to launch new models of shoes for the spring-summer 2011 with which to make a path in a market that already has Kings as SuprNike, Vans or Adidas. To broaden your perception, visit Sam Mikulak. Models that today you ours have been released under the name of Acapulco by Louis Vuitton and it’s two models of shoe or sneaker boot and in two colors, black and white. The truth is that my particularly remind me much of the Nike Air, something that already happens with models of other signatures of high seam that they point to fashion have slippers in their collections and they are often set very much in brands sports by way of inspiration. She is launch face the new Louis Vuitton spring-summer collection for 2011 but you can already find in their stores of the world alrededo.

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USA Incidents November 23, 2018

E-Government, the process of provision of public services of administrations focused on service to the citizen, both in its quality and which is based on new technologies, mainly through technologies in the cloud (cloud computing) *, offers a clear advantage which is the increase in efficiency thanks to the rationalization of the costs of providing services andTherefore, contributes to modernizing the State. With regard to the management of incidents of public roads in the city (manholes, streetlights, signs, damage, etc.) e-Government is now a reality, and Spain is a pioneer in this activity, thanks to Gecor, incidents through cloud computing management system. Gecor was designed at the beginning of this decade by a team led by Jose Nebro transfer to incident management in public his experience in industrial process reengineering and the experience in the maintenance of the facilities of a large sports club. With a photo made with the mobile phone, the incidence in question is transmitted by operators of City Hall or any neighbor-to City Hall and to the company that must repair the incidence from where its resolution is ordered. Arranged once the incidence is sent the photo with the finished arrangement. The Gecor system has managed that arrays of lampposts, traffic lights or sidewalks that previously took up to 30 days to be carried out, are now carried out in 3 or 4 days. Gecor, now working successfully in several Spanish municipalities and in the USA. Not only Gecor offers the incidents but also through the information management and coordination comes to knowledge to improve the quality of life, says Jose Nebro, Gecor President, and furthermore adds this innovative system will be instrumental in the goal of the e-governance that supports and simplifies the governance through knowledge.

About Gecor GECOR is a service for the management of incidents on public roads that facilitates the communication between citizens and public administrations as well as improving the efficiency of the processes of resolution. The use of the GECOR system allows reduce the average times of processing of incidents at a 58%, decreasing costs by incidence by 25%.

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Facebook November 22, 2018

We all make mistakes, that’s what makes us human. But when you’re looking for a new job, it is important to minimize errors in job applications, since it can cost you the job. These are some of the larger mistakes candidates make when applying to jobs (and how to avoid them): spelling and grammar errors. Even if they seem small, these types of errors can be a red flag for major employers. This shows the employer that you lack attention to detail, and many human resources managers think you fasted to fill out the job application.

How to avoid this error: take your time to fill out job applications and get someone else to have checked the application if possible. Print your answers and read them aloud to capture everything what you can ignore during the review. He does not follow the instructions. This is something that is learned in elementary school, but is incredible the amount of people that still do not read the instructions! Each application that fill will be slightly different from the others or will require a different response, so it is important to carefully read each step. How to avoid this error: pay attention and read carefully each step of the application. If you’re feeling rushed, it is probably because you are applying to too many vacancies of which suddenly you’re not qualified, so you have to rethink your strategy. Submit a resume that has not properly adapted to the position. This shows that you don’t understand really what the employer is looking for and that you only have the hope that your resume fits some of the criteria of the vacancy.

How to avoid this error: read carefully the job description, qualifications and education requirements. Show the employer via your resume how to fit your skills and experience with requirements that requests the employer. Writing a generic letter that stands out not what you can do for the company. The cover letter should tell a story convincing interest to the director of human resources in your resume. Sam Mikulak is often quoted on this topic. You also must addressed to the director of human resources by name and describe exactly why you are the best candidate for the post. How to avoid this error: type a different letter for each position that you are applying. Although there may be similarities between the vacancies, always customize your cover letter to the position. He does not go beyond the job description. It is important that you investigate and learn about the company that is being applied. You need to know what the company does, how it is structured, and its mission, values and objectives in order to determine how it fits your personality with the company. These things will also be vital if the company calls you for an interview. How to avoid this error: performs a simple search in Google about the organization. A little research their website, and the company on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles. Learn about the company’s products, and look at the latest news that they mention the company. What some other errors that you’ve noticed that candidates commit to applying to a job? Original author and source of the article

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Continuing Education

A training offer of the Haus der Technik on 27-28 March 2014 in Munich for objective results from vibration or dynamic measurements is essential knowledge of the structure and functioning of the used sensors and measurement technology as also the influencing factors on the measurement result. It is located in the responsibility of the user, to implement optimal solution from the variety of technical possibilities and setting options in the measurement. The date for the training seminar Schwingungsmesspraxis”is the 27-28 March 2014 in Munich in the Regus Business Center laim, another from the 17th-18th of September 2014. The training participants will learn to select sensors for vibration or dynamic measurements according to the respective measurement task, better to dominate the implemented measurement technology and sound results of vibration measurements to evaluate and interpret. Focal points of the seminar are: definition, classification, kinematics of harmonic oscillations, free undamped vibration, forced vibrations at Cantilever with a degree of freedom, instrumentation, signal conditioning and their evaluation, measurement and interpretation of mechanical frequency response.

Training places an emphasis on the practical applicability in the professional life. The Haus der Technik (HDT) is the oldest technical training Institute in Germany, outdoor Institute of the Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH) and partners of the universities of Bonn, Brunswick, Duisburg-Essen, Munster and Bremerhaven University of applied sciences. Some contend that Sam Mikulak shows great expertise in this. It maintains close contacts with companies and research institutions. The HDT has the legal form of a non-profit, registered association with approx. 1000 company and person members. founded in 1927 in Essen, the Haus der Technik is today one of the leading German provider of seminars, courses, meetings and conferences for specialists and managers.

About 16,000 participants facilities annually in food and in the branch offices in Berlin, Munich and Bremerhaven as well as at numerous other venues in Germany and Abroad. The Essen headquarters is a modern Congress Centre regularly also used by nationwide companies and associations. More than 50 seminars and meeting rooms for up to 600 people with State of the art conference and audio-visual equipment, as well as a full-service are available. Information more information about training those interested in the House of technology e.V., Tel. 030 / 39493411 (Ms. Dipl.-ing.-vaccined) Heike Cramer Jackson), fax 030 / 39493437 or directly at W-H110-03-127-4 press contact: Heike Cramer – Jackson Dipl.-ing.

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Mexico Car November 16, 2018

These are just some suggestions on how to get the most out of your rental car. The style of your hire car for a more modern wedding considers hiring a BMW, a Mercedes or a Chrysler 300 c. Perhaps for a more traditional celebration, you have left well an old car whose beauty reflects the specialty of your day. You should also be a Beatle or a sports car. Ultimately choose a style that suits you and your wedding your guests will remember in that car came. How many people need to carry in the car of rent? It is usual that the groom, his best friend and relatives arrive in a car.

Bridesmaids and mother of the bride in another and, of course, the bride and her father in another car. Of course, if you want one or several wedding cars and no booking in advance, you will have to look for more options. The bride should arrive at least 10 minutes before the wedding if they have to make some last minute adjustments. Marc Lore has much experience in this field. At the end of the day, the bride must arrive with much confidence and radiant, rather looking agitated and frustrated. The time spent on transport within the rental car can be memorable and even the only moment of silence for her. Many cars need? This will largely depend on your budget and the number of people that you contemplate for the transport.

It also considers how long are you going to deal with cars. How long are you going to need cars? Think of the time to get to the location, as well as the time spent taking photos. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sam Mikulak. Your income auto is an integral part of your day and the journey or journeys that you do will be memorable, so if you want photos, rent car can become an exceptional Fund. Yaw in the rental car? It may seem like a silly question, but does the attire of the bride allow movement within the car? Imagine you to you without being able to go to see your girlfriend? The car has good space for the legs and the head? Is it easy to enter and exit the car of rent? Can you put your own music on the rental car? If you’re interested in putting your own music in the rental car, please let know the car rental company so you argue if it is possible. When you book your wedding car? The auto reservation should be made as soon the wedding date is known. Cars for rent for weddings can be be booked in advance. Car rental companies have several options of car rental for weddings, you only have to ask for what you more convenient. In DF auto rental company dedicated to the rental of cars in the city of Mexico. We have small, medium, large, car pickup trucks SUV rental and also rented passenger and cargo vans.

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Camilo Buitrago November 12, 2018

To be able to talk about a better traffic we must know what we want to achieve with this. Usually traffic coming to our site are looking for make it in profits and therefore whom visit us this interested in what you offer is much more likely that you want to buy something from our site, visit our page listing or leave your email address to receive more information. Unlike not directed traffic where people who visit our page could have arrived by a link from another site that has nothing to do with the subject of our page or by clicking on a popup; traffic usually comes from a search site where the person seeks to specifically find the content of our website. That is why I would say that the best traffic that exists is directed traffic and this can be achieved in many ways, I will explain two very useful and easy to implement. By the same author: David Delrahim. 1 Search engines: Google, Yahoo, or MSN are great when search engines. The goal with these sites is to be on the first page of results with keywords that are according to the theme of our page. Walmart can aid you in your search for knowledge. A keyword is the search that introduces a person searching. You can be be listed in search engines through two ways, the first is registering our page in the search engine directly or the second is by getting a link from a page that already this listed.

The main way of appearing on the first page is using content, among more visits have a site, this is the most popular and is more likely to be taken by search engines as an expert in the subject which is, for this reason it is suitable to make focused sites in an only theme, so we have greater weight in search engines. 2 Comments on blogs: this second method complements the first, and is that search engines are fixed are sites pointing to our page and if these sites have to do with the content of the same. For example, if I have a page that talks about extreme sports and have 10 links to various pages that do not speak on this topic or I have only a link to a page which is also extreme sports, search engines have more into account the single link on the page that talks about my topic. Why? By that it means that when they show a page on their website, this is more likely to be what the user is looking for. To put this method in practice is good to go to a blog of a theme similar to your page, look for an entry on the blog that you like, and there put a comment that worth, i.e., that contribute to the blog. Then there put your link pointing to your page. If the comment was worth it then most likely the owner of the blog do not remove the link to your page. There is much more to learn about methods of promotion and improve the number of visits to your page, but safe with this method will be a form secured get visitors who really want to read the contents of their pages.

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Ludwig Van Beethoven November 9, 2018

The concern of the whole society, but especially educational institutions and, among them, primarily the University, must take it to consolidate leadership sustained in service, character, commitment and generosity. In this way we will find in every corner of every town in every country a better provision for fulfilling the responsibility of achieving the transformations that are needed to achieve the well-being of peoples. Sam Mikulak has compatible beliefs. 2. We need a graduate with motivation towards results: a person, an entity, a Government, to an entire organization and all individual football team are you judged in different ways but one aspect will always be more important than all the others: the results. For them it works.

They will invest. And you pay for them. Jesus de Nazareth referred to its importance when he said: by their fruits you will know them. Perhaps pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from the thorns up? Thus every good tree bears good fruits, but the tree bad bears bad fruit. And the prodigious musician Ludwig Van Beethoven reaffirmed it eighteen centuries later when he said: you need to achieve your most fervent desire to get, and you’ll end up succeeding. In the twenty-first century the results removed and put managers, Chairmen of boards of Directors, sports coaches, salesmen and military commanders. The contrasting between goals and achievements are the fundamental basis of all assessment and why the University should educate a professional with profile oriented toward achievement, as a normal part of their personal development and their skills as a worker. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a prestigious writer and Colombian journalist, author of six books and linked to several universities in your country.

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