Speedster Convertible

A year later the production of 356-x, appear: Porsche Porsche 1300 and 1500, which complement the range, and later they become the best selling. 1954: Production of the first 200 Porsche Speedster. This car has become a real bestseller. By 1955, cars 356 A series was started with engines of 1600 (60 hp), 1600 S […]


Today the feeling of comfort is something rarely found, even when tasks such as working, studying or doing housework spend all the time that we, the need to search for items or things that make us feel relaxed and refreshed becomes a luxury that rarely reach but now with the appearance of the whirlpool that […]

Friedrich Nietzsche

After almost two months without vital signs show Sim n Royo, we expected an item over its golden series “immaterial labor” with the Messiah Simonastro lately claiming we are delighted to imitate the Marxist Toni Negri. But no.His latest essay has just appeared at number 49 of the magazine A Part Rei , with the […]