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Intelligent Goals January 28, 2014

Filter 3. – They are verifiable: This he is probably one of the aspects which the majority of people vacillates at the time of establishing goals and objectives, because it is to indicate how they will verify or they will realize of they have reached which them already. Example: To obtain an increase in the annual sales average of 6% with respect to the previous year. Here it is very easy to realize if the goal is obtained or no, and of not taking shape, how much lack to arrive at the wished situation. Very different to wish ” solely; To sell ms”. The goals and objectives must be measurable and quantifiable. Filter 4.

– They are realistic: To draw up to goals and objectives very superficially of our reach, our capacities and present situation have only a name: AUTOSABOTAJE. If for example somebody that does not do anything of exercise fixes as it puts: ” To arrive in the first place from the marathon of 30 km next mes” , it is very probable that it then does not obtain it does not have the suitable preparation. He is indispensable to be honest with same you and to recognize your present strengths and obstacles. To aim too high in that you have neither the experience, nor the training, nor the knowledge in a short period of time will diminish the probabilities of success and creates a sensation of low self-esteem, which takes to the downheart to draw up to new goals and objectives.

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Buenos Aires January 22, 2014

Its lengthy visualization allows to realise suggestive inferences. Like our development this traccionado by the judgment of value of demographic deconcentration, we are going to put emphasis in around 1440 populations that are in the rank of the 600 to the 20,000 inhabitants, as well as of the urban centers inferiors to that amount. This takes implicit not only to encourage to the voluntary migrations from the metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires and the other smaller metropolitan areas, as well as of the capitals of province; but also to maintain stable to the volumes of the smaller establishments to those than we finished mentioning, but that the 20,000 inhabitants surpass. In very heavy numbers, these last establishments serian around 120. He is interesting to emphasize taking like parameter to the railway network, still in the advanced state of deterioration that is, to verify that at least an amount of establishments or potentials exists identified establishments similar to the 1440 for the purposes of deconcentration: That is to say, we would work to the effects deconcentrators with around three thousand (3000) urban establishments. With exception of Tierra Del Fuego, is almost exceptional that are urban centers outside the railway network. It is but; there are some settled in the hope of a railway branch, that in spite of being authorized legally did not get to be elevated, for want of budget or by to have decayed the interest of the investors authorized. Despite existing several railway junctions with establishments superiors to the twenty thousand inhabitants, he is possible to verify there are that them in cities of the rank that we have chosen, and that in ours to understand have a potential to develop, mainly considering the horizon of a society that will have to mobilize itself without hydrocarbons in the future not so distant (subject on which we will return more ahead).

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Monkey Bridge January 14, 2014

According to Jose Miguel Wisnik, ' ' adopting the xingamento, they proud revert the supposedly negative character of the expression, printing to it a connotation provocativa' '. It was what it made twisted of the Athletical Association Black Bridge. According to Aristides Almeida Rock, in its excellent book on the animal symbology in the sport, it has three theories that they explain why the Black Bridge is the Monkey. The theory of the torcedor Jose Mayan Renato Kings is of that, when the pontepretanos torcedores arrived in a city, they always walked in groups, what the inhabitants said that ' ' the flock of macacos&#039 arrived; '. The theory of engineer Ariovaldo Casimiro Nesso that, according to Aristides, would have greater credit is of that, in the year of the foundation of the club, the pontepretanos played ball next to a bridge (Black) where, unexpectedly, it appeared a monkey. (The true one will be this, then it must be concluded that the Monkey is probably first mascote of the Brazilian soccer, as already we said in the chapter ' ' First mascote' ' , in our book Of the deep one of the trunk.) Finally, it has the theory ' ' tradicional' ' , of that it was a xingamento of the twisted bugrina.

There the pontepretanos had transformed the lemon into lemonade and the monkey is mascote official of Bridge. Well, it was not difficult to the pontepretanos to find qualities in ' ' xingamento' '. As it would say the great Cascudo Chamber, the monkey ' ' it is the figure of the agility, astuteness without escrpulos, infallibly victorious for the rapidity in the unexpected solutions and felizes' '. In posterior edition of its famous Dictionary of the Brazilian folklore, it says more: that ' ' in the classic fabulrio the monkey appears as symbol of cynical ability, shrewdness and ligeireza.

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Zone North January 8, 2014

Therefore, the creation of a system of mapping of green areas is basic so that if it can carry through next to the community a campaign of awareness and preservation. The classified square as urban green area, appeared of the necessity of the man to interact with the environment. The free access the leisure option, the presence of areas of contemplativa nature and public spaces for meeting of people and stroll of the families is essential for a harmonic convivncia. With this conception one admits that: ' ' The new square is the sucedneo to the scarcity of informal free spaces for leisure, even so either very reduced in numbers, reason of the increasing urban demand for new public spaces, whose it offers is always unbalanced in relation to the search, what if it must to the chronic difficulty of the public power to take care of it. &#039 immediately; ' (MACEDO, 1999) One of the factors that the function of a square determines, beyond the historical and social changes, is the climate.

In cities of hot climate, where the population lives to the outdoors, these spaces, many times, have function of rest, to be, leisure, practical of sports,, educative and psychological. In recent years, the bad-taste has taken advantage for the public administrators when substituting native trees for exotic trees or then the ajardinamento of the squares to show to the population an efficiency of exibicionista character, cutting, most of the time, secular trees. The squares are not respected and factors of first necessity are not considered. The exploitation of areas destined to the meetings and the strolls of people is not foreseen nor them children to play the will, BURLE MARX, (2004). 3. MATERIALS AND METHODS 3.1. Characterization of the Area of Study the square in study is placed in the Memorare quarter, capital, Zone North of Teresina of the state of the Piau, whose city is located 0505? of latitude S and 4230? longitude W, the altitude is of 79m above sea level.

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Human Development January 2, 2014

Evangelisation is a serious effort and decided of obedience to consisting of God taking good the new ones of salavacin to all the people of the world and in it would reach to all the nacionas so that they are contributor of the plan of salvation devised by God to the benefit of all the human beings whatever its race, belief, sex or place of residence. Evangelisation has its departure point in the gospel like being able of God for which they create and like the good news for the salvation of the souls. Evangelisation is carried out from the conviction that there is a message of God and that message is for all the nations in all the times. It is a faith, love message in the man and of mercy towards the sinful ones. The central axis of evangelisation is plande salvation, but within this one, the epicenter is the death of Jesus, unignito son of God, by our sins and their victory on Satan given in its resurrecin among deads. God feels an infinite love by the men and the women.

A love superior to the one of the brothers by its brothers, to the one of the children by the parents and to the one of the parents by its children. There is grace in the love of God, so much that, as express Juan 3:16: So that of such way it loved God the world, that it has given to his unignito Son, so that all that one that in him it creates, eternal life is not lost, has more. The evangelism must give a hope voice around which the death is not the aim of everything and is something, something very important beyond our final days like alive Earth beings. We have the hope of which Jesus, victorious and decided, it will come again, in this occasion with a good purpose different from the one from the benevolent preacher of Galilea that was crucified like tribute by the sins of all the humaniodad. The coming of Jesus is certain, as certain as it announces the book of the Facts in chapter 1, versicle 11: galileos men, Why you are watching the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you to the sky, thus will come since you have seen him go to the sky. The evangelism must also teach that there is a maximum day final in that there will be to appear before the court of God to give account of our acts in serewmos the rearward test and to that put under before receiving the veredicytos that, of being favorable, will allow us to dwell in the presence of God through the eternity. There is a wonderful one and unequivocal message of hope and salvation and the Gentleman wants that it is shared with all the people.

Therefore we must be contributor of the program from evangelisation to all the nations, all the towns, all the people. Alexander Rutto Martinez is a prestigious journalist and Colombian, tie writer like educational to several Colombian universities. She is author of four books and coauthor of other three in whom one approaches the subject of the leadership, the ethics and the Human Development. Frequently he is invited like lecturer to congresses, academic forums and other events.

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