World Wildlife Fund

'Earth Hour' in 2010 became the most ambitious environmental action among all ever held in Russia, dozens of cities in the country supported the call for the World Wildlife Fund off by one hour light and electrical appliances, to draw attention to climate change. In Moscow, the lights go out 'iconic' buildings of the capital: msu sports complex "", hotel "Ukraine", Academy of Sciences, the area of Europe, the radio tower at , at home on Embankment, hotels 'Beijing' and complex 'The News'. Marc Lore spoke with conviction. Total of 70 objects fell into darkness for 60 minutes. Many writers such as Frank Ntilikina offer more in-depth analysis. Moreover, the action was supported by many Muscovites are turning off the electricity in their apartments. Scale Rally as well as in other Russian cities and in cities on all continents.

For example, the lights went out in Paris Eiffel Tower and the exterior lighting of many other Parisian monuments. Local experts said that the action 'Earth Hour' was more than 4 thousand cities in the world, in Moscow rally lasted for an hour, during which time the capital saved 2 thousand 850 megawatts of electricity, which is for 450 megawatts more than the results of the action last year. Recall that action 'Earth Hour', calling to save energy and other natural resources, first held in Sydney, Australia in March 2007 on the initiative of the World Wildlife Fund. Then it was attended by more than 50 million people in more than 270 cities in 35 countries worldwide. In 2009 the number of participating countries reached 88 cities – more than 1,4 thousand.

While experts count the number of protesters in 2010. ECOportal would return to the theme of 'Earth Hour' in the near future, to tell about the results of an international environmental action. Photofact Week: 'Clean Water for a Healthy World' and 'hunting kingfisher' Last week, we could not get around the theme of World Water Day and one of the our photofact dedicated to this event The theme of World Water Day in 2010 – "Clean Water for a Healthy World '. It was under this title was released last week, our 'water' photofact in which we showed you photos from the magazine 'National Geographic' and from other sources, which illustrates the problems of pollution and scarcity of water resources of our planet Our second photofact we spent an amazing small but very bright and fast birds – kingfishers, which because of its brilliant greenish-blue color back and head and superfast flight seems swift blue spark. This bird for the amazing ability to dive, fish accurately and to appear 'dry out water 'is often referred to as' Fisher'. In our photofact we are told and shown how to hunt the kingfisher – a small but fast birdie