The Glasses

This is obtained with the exercise known like confused, the consisting of one breathing only through the tuba, without having the glasses protecting the nose. In this way and, although at the outset something disagreeable can be, obtains a blockade total of the nasal routes, not breathing by them and, therefore, not inhaling water. Another absolutely fundamental exercise in any course, is the casting of glasses, the great problem (never insurmountable) of many students. The mask whatever its design, counts on an air chamber between our eyes and the crystal. It is this trick of the vision under the water, the difference to be on the awares simply. It is therefore fundamental to maintain this small water space free. Lamentably it is not always possible, are many the times in which by different reasons the glasses fill of water (badly it fits, a flap, an abrupt plunge, hairs or moustaches, etc.) and is high-priority his casting.

The technique is simple and perhaps most important it is the tranquillity at the time of realising it. It consists simply of expelling air by the nose, at the same time as smoothly we moved slightly the glasses of the face. The air under pressure will be moving the water. It is an exercise that agrees to repeat until the perfection is reached, because it is a situation of most normal. At the outset it costs, being able to sometimes get to lead to the panic. For that reason it agrees to dominate it totally. At past times it was normal between the instructors in the examination, to give manotazo to the glasses of the student and to take off them under the water to observe its reaction. Today luckyly these practices usually are not realised, trusting more the capacity and gradual improvement of the nascent one. Dominated the aquatic element already one goes to the phase that in truth people hope.