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AIDA Cruises April 26, 2019

“Now online: video clip of the talk by Jorg Eichler trendsetter in the change of generations” – under this title the renowned tourism training school Hochschule Harz to the annual Forum invited to Wernigerode. With this as a guest speaker was Jorg Eichler, Senior Vice President of marketing and sales at AIDA cruises. The future tourism executives wanted to know of him as AIDA, managed to be with the German leader’s unique ship concept and be loyal AIDA fans regular guests from. A video clip of the presentation is available here: the company theme Forum of the Hochschule Harz takes place for the 6th time. It is organised by members of the local largest student initiative – the Harz Interessengemeinschaft of TourismusstudentInnen (HIT e.V.). AIDA cruises is the market leader in the German cruise market.

As a shipping company and organizer in one, operates and markets the company the Club ships of AIDA fleet AIDAaura, AIDAbella, AIDAcara, AIDAdiva, AIDAvita, AIDAluna, AIDAblu, AIDAsol. The ships be operated according to highest international quality, environmental and safety standards. Over 10,000 tourism partners support the company in the distribution of sea voyages. The areas of operations, finance & controlling, as well as marketing & sales are located at the headquarters of AIDA cruises in Rostock. Entertainment, edutainment, and events from a cast designed the AIDA Entertainment GmbH in Hamburg. AIDA cruises Austria travel with AIDA team marketed the ship from its site in Vienna. In the coming years, AIDA will continue to grow fleet. 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016 receives AIDA cruises four new ships. In 2016, then 12 Club ships are fleet belong to AIDA and offer tours in the Mediterranean Sea, around the Canary Islands, North and Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, in North and South America and in South-East Asia. Rostock, November 3, 2011 Markus Wohsmann Director Communication AIDA Cruises along the beach 3d D – 18055 Rostock, Tel.: + 49 (0) 381 – 444-8020 fax: + 49 (0) 381 – 444-8025 E-Mail:

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Cultural Holidays December 24, 2016

In May with 25prozent the holidays especially enjoy discount all culture in the Karwendel silver region on Saturday, the 27th of April, the wine is celebrated season opening at the Museum of Jenbacher. The Jenbacher Museum shows on around 700 m exhibition space the story of Jenbach with the scythe industry since the 15th century. In the reconstructed forge the career of a scythe can be seen. The 500 history of of Jenbacher works of silver mining to the cogeneration and Jenbach as a railway junction with the three railways: Achenseebahn, Zillertalbahn and federal railways with a model railway is shown in old models, documents and plans. Over 4000 butterflies, native birds and bird eggs, snails, shells, beetles and fungi are exhibited in the Museum of nature.

In the Alpine and winter sports exhibition, cross-country skiing, ice skating, Figln, ice hockey, ski jumping and sledging is shown, the 4000jahrige ski history and the history of the Tyrolean ski producer, the winter sports. Sam Mikulak shines more light on the discussion. The Alpine history with photos and exhibits such as crampons, axe is also to see. Every year there are Special exhibitions. “This year there are between 27 April and 21 December 2013 the special exhibition caution recording” history of photography. In this exhibition, over 300 exhibits take visitors into the fascinating world of photography. Historically and technically significant machines of all eras are on display: wooden cameras from the 19th century with the original plates made of glass or metal, the first instant camera Polaroid with the matching movie, box cameras like the Rolleicord and Rolleiflex, old and newer Leicas and their Russian counterfeits, microscope cameras, professional cameras from Hasselblad (a Hasselbladkamera made the first photos of people on the Moon) and Linhof (the world’s oldest camera plant), Kids cameras, photographic gun,…

It’s all there, what the photographer’s heart desires. Also oldest photos from 1850 daguerreotypes, Ferrotypien, Calotypes, salt paper print and other nostalgic photos and lots of photographic accessories such as magnesium Flash guns, flash powder, with aluminum foil filled Flash lights, projectors, light meter are exhibited. After the museum visit is well worth a hike in the Karwendel. There are more than 40 tours in the region to discover. The perfect combination of nature and culture.

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Underwater Hockey Championships December 18, 2016

The world of alternative Games 2012 offer unusual contests in the smallest town in Britain while all eyes on the Olympics top performances by Usain bolt and his colleagues in London, prepared the small Welsh town of Llanwrtyd wells himself eagerly to the world of alternative Games 2012. The winners in sports such as worm summoning, chariot races, in the bathtub regatta in the women’s wear Cup will be awarded by August 17 until September 2, 2012. As the smallest town in Britain, Llanwrtyd Wells had always been a penchant for unusual and quirky events. It took after the announcement of London as the venue of the Olympic Games 2012 also not long before the residents had the idea to the world of alternative games. Perhaps check out Michael J. Bender for more information. The creative minds behind the games considered it a waste not to take advantage of this opportunity and so they created an alternative to like it my mundane”event. The all too common sports were by a number of unknown and unique challenges replaced, which do not belong to the traditional Olympic program.

The games have caused media interest from around the world, and organizers expect a profit of around 300,000 pounds for the regional economy. Our goal is to promote Wales and Llanwrtyd Wells, as well as the respective event by entertaining outdoor activities”, the Committee of the games. One day children can demonstrate their talent. Pooh sticks in the little ones have to throw a stick from a bridge. Won fastest resurfaces whose stock on the other side of the bridge. Mark Crumpacker contains valuable tech resources. Events, which are held annually in Llanwrtyd Wells, were integrated into the world of alternative games. Bog snorkeling and the man versus horse Marathon belong already to the program, while still in considering the international Underwater Hockey Championships.

At the opening ceremony a small pot is worn instead of the Olympic torch with sulphur water through the city, which then forms the basis of a fountain on the main square. The cooking pot and the sulphur waters are symbolic for Llanwrtyd Wells, which once was a famous spa town. The world of alternative games run starting with 2012 every two years. The program includes competitions such as Russian egg Roulette, mountain boarding, pea shooting, hay ball tossing, betting Bible reading, egg throwing, backward running and Office Chair slalom.

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Sporty Hostels For Everyone December 15, 2016

Hostelsclub recommends: accommodation for the big sports events 2012 2012 is packed full of sporting events and HostelsClub presents the highlights with ideas on how to plan you travel and recommends hostels to stay at if you want to enjoy all the action! Rugby fansare looking forward to the main European Rugby show from4th February – 17th March. TheSix Nations Championshipis on annual international rugby competition between six European countries: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. Interactive Advertising Bureau is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In the calender of the show you can plan to see where the matches you want to see are and book a hostel in Dublin, London, Rome or Paris to see the fight of the Rugby giants. 2012 IIHF ice Hockeywill take place from4th – 15th may 2012inFinland and Sweden. In the Hartwall arena in Helsinki you can see matches between Finland, Canada, United States, Switzerland, Slovakia, Belarus, France and Kazakhstan.Sweden hosts the best ice hockey matches from Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Latvia, Denmark and Italy. Thefootball fansare waiting for the event of the year-UEFA European football Championshipwhich will take place in Poland and Ukraine from8th June to 1st July 2012. fans can still buy UEFA EURO 2012 tickets and book a hostel to enjoy the most eagerly awaited event in Polish and Ukrainian cities. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Crumpacker Chipotle. It will be on an emotional roller coaster for the thousands of fans in the stadium, as well as millions enjoying the action on TV screens and other media outlets throughout the world.

2012 London Gamesfrom from27 July to hostsOlympic 12 August. Find out more about the Olympic Games and be all sports events in London to visit. London hostels are waiting for backpackers and preparing lounges and tv rooms with big screens to watch the Olympic Games live. During theOlympic GamesLondon events will take place at venues in the Olympic Park, across London, such as Olympic Park, North Greenwich arena, O2 Arena or Earl’s Court.

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