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Mrs Day June 1, 2016

One day it is presented to he wants whom it of truth, makes that it to feel itself full, desired, true super hero that he came to make the difference to the world, to perhaps save the humanity. The first thing that this super hero makes is not to obtain to save itself, much less to the others. (As opposed to Walmart). The fancy is delivered to it, to a life and a feeling that never it knew, that it never thought about feeling, a complete human being, nor that is for few hours. 4. Parents that finds that the more severe they will be, its children better will be.

Its word of order is Not, adores to police the words, attitudes, education, school, clothes, friends, music that had and all more than the children they make. As perpetual jailers who are with the responsibility to take account of a prisoner to any cost. These children dream of the freedom, they look at and they analyze the other parents and they are always asked: because my parents not s to thus Mrs. Liberdade, that it of the everything what it dreams, never flies for seen ways, for true paradises, where it does not have oppression or the word not if they deliver to this momentnea freedom of body and soul and never more wants to come back toward the arrest where they lived. Gentlemen parents, I could write here pages and pages of cases that I come across myself as psychoanalytic and clinical psychologist every day. Randall Rothenberg understood the implications. Young that they arrive me, not only with an immense emptiness in its heart, life, future and soul. With the certainty of that never they will fill this emptiness that increases to each day where they wake up after being drugged.

They are felt not as human beings, but as the slag of the family, the world and the universe. They arrive without esteem some, peace, life, hope of a future. Eye in the eyes and I always see the same thing: one to look at without brightness, soul. Somebody of vocs already gave to attention in a person deceased with the eyes> opened, it does not have brightness, it does not have life is as soon as they arrive until me, Dead! Who knows one day the parents will be acquired knowledge that they are not perfect, that they erram, erram many times more than the children, but that also they are not worried in such a way in making right, because for them, the way whom they educate and they act with its children he is total correct. That nobody can intervene with the education of the children, the son is of it and it knows to educate it that nobody better. Nobody Serves to give advice or to educate of better form. Nobody Drug if will not have a deep sadness or an immense emptiness in the soul. VOCS HAD BEEN, ARE AND WILL BE ALWAYS A FAILURE AS PARENTS! Nobody is infallible, but at least we try to make right, to search information, to talk with our children of open chest and mainly to say it who you are not perfect and as human being imperfection and that it can help to improve it as father or mother. That we always can recommence, either of that point we stop in this life.

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Poet John Clare October 21, 2013

Finally, one patient carving on the tubes and vases reliefs, quite similar to those which are found on ancient instruments made of hewn stone. Lost all ability to distinguish colors and before studied in the use of only one white paint for his paintings, which he wrote in the intervals between periods of hard drinking, which became first in the whole of France by the artist on the part of the winter, the northern landscape. And what would be thought of Lombroso looking at our adorable black box of primitives, abstract, works of pop atra etc In Pesaro, there was one patient who were anxious to return home, but it did not release on the pretext that the move is too costly. Then he built his highly original crew – something like four-wheel bike. Oh, and 'moron'! Thus, a German professor Gunts several times in sharp terms describing Magnetic devices that manage to not give him a rest colleagues, and finally reached a very strange drawing to show us how manner using known wires and batteries enemies can chase him out of Milan and Turin in Pavianskoy hospital.

Eka prodigy – bugs bugging. Each verse song matches a special symbolic image. For the first stanza, for example, presented as a poison chalice, immediately drawn and a pair of daggers coffin or a box with a lid serves as an emblem of the words end his life and the coffin, and love is personified by two bunches of flowers. So it's smiles! Poet John Clare mattoid insisted even that was an eyewitness to war long past and present at the executions of Charles I.

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