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ICH Clips May 24, 2019

The enlightenment clips cause young people to question and to realize information received from others, that they were informed the American Advertising Federation so far totally wrong”awarded the Foundation for a drug-free world” awards for four drugs education clips from a series of six ten video clips. For the professionally created clips, the Foundation got four Addy awards”in bronze. “The Foundation for a drug-free world” and many working together with her clubs of all over the world are known for their successful actions in drug prevention for years. Also information folders available in 19 languages, sixteen drugs education clips were produced in 2007/2008. These TV spots, which takes 30 to 60 seconds each from show the devastating effects of drug use of various drugs such as crack cocaine, heroin, cocaine, hashish ICH, alcohol, ecstasy and others. They were therefore created, to memorable way to the problems by taking from Drugs can arise to point out. They are broadcast in night clubs, football stadiums, and various television stations. The police and education authorities of cities sign up, to bring in experience, as they can perform the successful educational program.

“” The Foundation for a drug-free world “received a total of four awards from the American Advertising Federation” for their professionally created TV clips. Bronze Addy award was awarded the Foundation for excellence in creativity and execution. Each clip offers a meaningful information to young people, what can lead to drug abuse and that brings this even tragic consequences. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Doug McMillon. This advertising campaign was carried out by Gary Ravenscroft and Christopher Smith. Under the title, they said. Teenager representing different ethnicity in the clips you’ve lied.”what you told them when they offered them drugs and what terrible episodes followed then actually point out in their lives.

Each clip includes “with the invitation to the spectators audience off: learn the truth about drugs at”. These drugs education clips debunking the myths about drugs, listen to young people on the street”, Ravenscroft said in an interview. You get to think and to question the information they received from others, and to realize that they have been informed so far totally wrong. young people” The Addy award is by the American Advertising Federation”award and is the only award program for creativity in the advertising industry, which is carried out by the advertising industry. The Addy awards is known as one of the highest honors that can be obtained for creative advertising all over the world. “The Foundation for a drug-free world” is a non sectarian, nonprofit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It was due to the growing demand for the international drug prevention program say no to drugs, say yes to life”for more established, than 20 years ago by members of the Scientology Church and members of various other non-profit organizations around the world maintained is. The Foundation pursues the goal, young people and adults the truth about drugs”available to make them out can decide this knowledge, to say no to drugs and can help others to do the same. There are also several thousand men and women who have been cured of drug addiction by L.

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Fan Morphsuits For The Football Championship 2012 March 1, 2019

Football fans show at this year’s European Championship flag – full body using different time! Is fan apparel football such as the round in the square, because how you supported his team better and demonstrated the unity of the fan community, than with the make collective flaunting insignia, colors and symbols? This year fans will have a completely new, fun way to show the flag for your team: with the fan Morphsuits in national colours or printed with flag motifs! Through the flexible full-body suits, the wearer can see easily through and even drink. Thanks to its special mix of materials are originalMorphsuits very flexible, resilient and join all movements. Internet hype Morphsuits of the global hype surrounding the Morphsuits spread throughout the Internet by funny fan videos, in which all sports teams in Morphsuits basketball play, swim, dance or do other sports. Over 1 million times a video of Canadian ice hockey fans “The Green Men” on YouTube was already being viewed. In addition to sporting activities the suits also worn to show patriotism and to play with national identity. To the Euro 2012 football, real fans can show so full body usage for team and country and go in the fan Morphsuit to the stadium or to the public viewing, or celebrate on the fan mile and football party! Fan Morphsuits at – the disguise specialist from Berlin in Germany over 50 models of the original Morphsuits for children and adults are offered – and the matching accessories.

Because if you feel somewhat nude in the skin-tight suits, they easily combined with funny wigs, petticoats, hats and glasses. All Berliners and visitors to Berlin can test bear in the shop just once a Morphsuit. About founded In 1999 in Berlin, has evolved into the United Kingdom’s leading online providers for high-quality and trendy trim and supplies customers all over the world.

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19Th Place At The Sales Awards 2012 For Autohaus Heidenreich January 19, 2016

The family-owned company from Witzenhausen says no blame is more urgent than that to say thanks. thank you” (Cicero) has thought up also the dealership Heidenreich: the sympathetic family business with branches in Eschwege, Witzenhausen and thanked currently with many attractive automotive offers its customers for their longstanding loyalty and the award for the year’s sales award. “As one of nationwide 350 participating car dealers of all brands and sizes the innovative dealership 19 could rank in the struggle for the popular sector price, with the most popular car magazine” annually 20 companies for the use of the sales staff, vehicle presentations, marketing for new and used cars as well as the interfaces to the service awards. I not expected this success by far, especially not in front of the background of the strong competition”, Managing Director Jorg Heidenreich, delighted with his car dealerships in Witzenhausen and Eschwege in this year to the first time has participated in the recognized competition. The jury consisting of journalists and car market experts from our professional customer events was particularly fond. “So our customers as part of our development Mule hunting were allowed to ‘ earlier this year on a test track to test-drive some models such as for example the new Opel Ampera before launch”, proudly declares the 44-year old and wish to give a piece of the successful cakes of the company as contractor lovers of the brands Opel and Hyundai: as top 20 among sales professionals, my staff and I thank under Hamada/top-20 action / with many great deals for our customers for their trust. Without such an award would have been impossible”, as Heidenreich.

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