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The Majority February 4, 2014

2.2.4? Increase of the volume of residues Allies to these problems of housing, of the ambient point of view the great urban centers and the areas metropolitans if confrot with a volume of solid residues, constituted of the residential garbage, industrial garbage, hospital garbage, for the rubbish of the civil construction and for the question of the treatment of the sanitary exhaustions. Beyond of this, centers and areas of these dimensions if still confrot with the problems of floodings and floods, decurrent amongst other factors, of the canalization of streams, natural escoadouros of rains, and the destruction of the ciliar bush of its edges. In the areas metropolitans and the majority of the great urban centers, the quality of air diminishes to each day, in result of the pollution of the vehicles and, in great number of cases, of the industrial pollution, due to presence of plants. 2.2.5? Problems of transports In the whole world if recognize that, in the present time, displacement is synonymous of suffering, either serving themselves of the public transport, either appealing to the private transport. The use of the public transports implies in an extreme time of and waits, with long lines and extreme time of displacements and, in many situations, with necessity of overflow, implying, in turn, in more open assembly time and more expenses with transports.

The fleets of more insufficient collective transports are each time to supply one increasing demand of users, leading the trips you discomforted for its supercapacity. The ways of transports have that to hold volume of traffic of vehicles, collective and private, above and beyond its limits. This leads to the worsening in the quality of the ways, due to extreme overload of vehicles, that leads to the worsening in its conditions of use, becoming the delayed displacements more still. In relation to the private transports, still the inconveniences exist to park and to keep the vehicles.

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Zone North January 8, 2014

Therefore, the creation of a system of mapping of green areas is basic so that if it can carry through next to the community a campaign of awareness and preservation. The classified square as urban green area, appeared of the necessity of the man to interact with the environment. The free access the leisure option, the presence of areas of contemplativa nature and public spaces for meeting of people and stroll of the families is essential for a harmonic convivncia. With this conception one admits that: ' ' The new square is the sucedneo to the scarcity of informal free spaces for leisure, even so either very reduced in numbers, reason of the increasing urban demand for new public spaces, whose it offers is always unbalanced in relation to the search, what if it must to the chronic difficulty of the public power to take care of it. &#039 immediately; ' (MACEDO, 1999) One of the factors that the function of a square determines, beyond the historical and social changes, is the climate.

In cities of hot climate, where the population lives to the outdoors, these spaces, many times, have function of rest, to be, leisure, practical of sports,, educative and psychological. In recent years, the bad-taste has taken advantage for the public administrators when substituting native trees for exotic trees or then the ajardinamento of the squares to show to the population an efficiency of exibicionista character, cutting, most of the time, secular trees. The squares are not respected and factors of first necessity are not considered. The exploitation of areas destined to the meetings and the strolls of people is not foreseen nor them children to play the will, BURLE MARX, (2004). 3. MATERIALS AND METHODS 3.1. Characterization of the Area of Study the square in study is placed in the Memorare quarter, capital, Zone North of Teresina of the state of the Piau, whose city is located 0505? of latitude S and 4230? longitude W, the altitude is of 79m above sea level.

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Environment August 9, 2013

The socioambiental conscience of urban muitassociedades is coming back the attention toward two forces: the ambientalismo eo movement for the Animal Rights (OF). As, exactly that the majority dasONGs ambientalistas of world-wide recognition still teimem for ignoring, temmuitssimo to see with the first one, being the reason biggest its propostarevolucionria to beyond extend to the attribute of citizens of right for daespcie human being. For who very it does not know well referring to abolitionism omovimento animal, it militates independently for the ones OF and the fold that the animaisno-human beings must pass to be considered right citizens, seresessencialmente deserving of rights in law of pretensa' ' utilidade' ' they attributed by the human beings. An animal not-human being would pass to amerecer certain rights, that today do not exist or are reduced the legal brevesartigos against gratuitous violence. An animal would pass, as well as umser human, to have inalienable rights to the life (except those they quecaracterizassem urban plague and they were intratveis or irremanejveis vectors dedoenas), to the physical and psychological integrity, the dignity, the freedom and aoexerccio of the alive paper of being integrant of the environment. Cattle, the apesca one, the vivisection, the pseudosports involving animal, the deprodutos tests and many other cruel and mortal abuses would be become illegal. The release movement animalest showing to the world that the human being is not the only alive being that has valorintrnseco and that it deserves rights. Extending our intelligence, this proposta an inestimable one helps the ambientalista cause.

Joining both the causes, we will start to perceive, for ' ' rule of trs' ' , that the environment also is umaentidade that deserves rights. Also it deserves if to become a right citizen porseu inherent value. Thinking we thus, meioambiente, as well as the animals supported for the ones OF, are a living entity common end in same itself, and not mere ' ' recurso' ' with ends to serve to the interesseshumanos ' ' superiores' ' as if he thought about the last centuries that were. To think noambiente as citizen of right is to recognize at last that it must to have suapreservao and harmonization with necessities human beings not because we humanosestamos threatened for future catastrophes climatic, but because meioambiente has its proper right, that we must respect, of continuarexistindo. Saying in necessities human beings, we need to think that, as all animal, we depend on the resources of naturezapara to continue existing, and is for this reason that we need to extract of it oque we need, and not because ' ' the nature serves in them so that we extraiamosseus resources and grows with progresso' '.

In other words, to leave meioambiente to live is necessary for proper it, not only for us. It is thinking about the rights that osanimais they deserve and binding to the points between the Animal Rights and ambientalismoque we understand why to think about the animals implies a vision more inteligentedo environment. In the same way that the first ones deserve to have a nobrena space legislation that regulates the behavior human being, as also it deserves. In both oscasos, because it is not good for the humanity, but for being it for proper they.

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