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IBOPE Property November 29, 2016

Pantry-2014 and Olimpadas-2016 can value in 70% the property in Rio De Janeiro. Good for the inhabitants? Brazil will host, in the next years, two of the biggest esportivos events of the world: the Pantry of the World, in 2014, the Olimpadas in 2016. With this the country runs against the time to leave all the ready structure, and sees some sectors of its economy being put into motion. Beyond the impacts in the economy, the two competitions will also change the life and the routine of many people. According to one it searches of the IBOPE divulged in the last month of June, while 25% of the Brazilians had said to very have great interest in the Pantry-2014, 27% had said to have interest, but not very, and 26% had answered that it does not have interest some. Perhaps but what these 53% that they had said not to have very, or no interest, does not know, it is that they will not have as to escape of the effect of the two events.

Mainly the inhabitants of the city-headquarters and the ones that inhabit in next quarters esportivos stadiums or complexes where will be disputed games and olmpicas modalities. Its lives routines will be modified, nor that they are some small details as the time that will lead to arrive at the work or the difficulty in vender a property. The impact of the events already appears in some segments, mainly in the real estate one. According to specialists of the sector, the property in the city must suffer valuation from up to 70% in the next quarters to stadiums and places where the departures of the Pantry and too much modalities of the Olimpadas will be disputed, as, for example, the property for sale in Saint Teresa, Rio De Janeiro. The wonderful city will be one of the headquarters of the Pantry-2014, it will also receive the end, and the main headquarters of the Olimpadas-2016.

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Two Ways May 7, 2014

Saying on the ticket death of our Jair brother, for the glory: I know that, in that day, Mr. Deus spoke to me, for its intermediary, that the same would leave. I was a little acquired knowledge, therefore the Spirit testified that the same he would not be sarado, was a little chocking, but what more I am contented it is that I had the privilege of being chosen by God to know anticipatedly was everything as Mr. Deus spoke to it. Tranquila was a death: The same it asked for to take off the oxygen balloon, and I was holding the hand of it saying for it that it would go stops next to our God and that there he would not feel more pains and he would have only peace, joy.

Two sisters had started to praise the Mr., and, in way to the cnticos, the Jair brother broke for Glory ‘ ‘ (Extracted of the Letter that I received from the Dineide sister de Maria Rabbit Pine, Av. Avelino Keys, 856? Center /Sena Madureira AC/datada of day 09/01/96). The Two Ways To pray Are of utmost importance clarify that two ways exist to search the face Mr. our Deus. The Bible leaves well clearly that we can in such a way pray the Mr. in our heart (in silence) as we can pray in high voice, that is, clamando It.

Let us see: 1) Conjunct in the Heart (in silence): ‘ ‘ today I arrived at the source, and said: SIR, God of mine Mr. Abrao, if you now prosper my way, in which I walk, here it is that I am next to the water source; either, therefore, that the maiden who to leave to take off water and which I to say: I ask for to you, of – me a little of water of your water jug; to say it me: You drink and also I will take off water for your camels; this is the woman who assigned to the son of mine Sir to you. before I finished to say in my heart, here it is that Rebeca left with its water jug on its shoulder, it went down to the source and it took off water; I said to it: I ask for to you.

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Mirrors Trainer February 22, 2014

A professional soccer player of the considered ones of first level assumes that, not only she receives (splendidly, by the way) to demonstrate on a game land its virtues with the ball in the feet, also to maintain a behavior and an education that any sportsman must remember more always in the exercise of his activity and if she belongs to the group of the calls of elite that are followed by thousands of children and young people to whom to a certain extent they are forced to give a good example. Lamentably there are some professionals (), that they are in the mind of any fan, which they do not know to behave within a field with the minimum indispensable education, and this not only it is worth for a sportsman, I also make it tensile for any person. When his trainer replaces in the course of a party, exerting freely the responsibilities and rights of his position, by the way they fit, it negatively and some no longer are thing of which they put bad face, leave the field protesting, others watch at their technician with challenging aspect, some until are even faced with him and some more recriminates daring it and until it insults to him. Others, for that reason thank heavens not educated, deny to their trainer the hand to him when this it approaches to congratulate them. If this it is the sport mirror in which they are had to watch our small soccer players bad example we are giving them for when they are majors.

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