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Manoel Saints January 30, 2019

Banking sector To the national level, the banking sector suffers homologated resignations, according to union of the bank clerks of So Paulo (Daily, 2008). About 180 employees they had been dismissed, in institutions of great transport as Harvest, HSBC and Real in all the country. This occurs, therefore the lack of liquidity and the reduction of the operations of credit in the areas that expanded with a fast growth, as the financings of cars, cause the reduction of activities. The representative entity of the banking sector (Febraba) affirms that these resignations are one ' ' turn over' ' normal: ' ' What it happens is that the banks are using to advantage the tide (to fire now) ' '. In Par, not yet one mentions resignations at sight, until October of 2008, although that all express concern with the crisis, being capable of that measured anticipated they could be taken, this sector is what he is directly on with the programs of financing of other sectors, being one of the cars heads in the maintenance of the economy.

Real estate sector This sector currently passes for an optimistical phase, no matter how hard the last joints of the specialists were pssimas forecasts for property. Warlike Edson, managing executive of the Ademi? Par, Explains that the habitacional deficit of the Region metropolitan of Belm is of 150 a thousand units and Par of 470 a thousand units, capable to support the economy regional, that foresees 20% of growth in the sales in 2008, that it is above average national. The demand does not reduce the handspike to the commercialization of the property is supported, followed of financing, that still are looked, affirms the president of the Union of the Industry of the State of Par? Sinduscon, Manoel Saints, that believe adjustment in the interests, that must go up the value until estagnar.

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Mirrors Trainer February 22, 2014

A professional soccer player of the considered ones of first level assumes that, not only she receives (splendidly, by the way) to demonstrate on a game land its virtues with the ball in the feet, also to maintain a behavior and an education that any sportsman must remember more always in the exercise of his activity and if she belongs to the group of the calls of elite that are followed by thousands of children and young people to whom to a certain extent they are forced to give a good example. Lamentably there are some professionals (), that they are in the mind of any fan, which they do not know to behave within a field with the minimum indispensable education, and this not only it is worth for a sportsman, I also make it tensile for any person. When his trainer replaces in the course of a party, exerting freely the responsibilities and rights of his position, by the way they fit, it negatively and some no longer are thing of which they put bad face, leave the field protesting, others watch at their technician with challenging aspect, some until are even faced with him and some more recriminates daring it and until it insults to him. Others, for that reason thank heavens not educated, deny to their trainer the hand to him when this it approaches to congratulate them. If this it is the sport mirror in which they are had to watch our small soccer players bad example we are giving them for when they are majors.

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