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Speedster Convertible April 26, 2016

A year later the production of 356-x, appear: Porsche Porsche 1300 and 1500, which complement the range, and later they become the best selling. 1954: Production of the first 200 Porsche Speedster. This car has become a real bestseller. By 1955, cars 356 A series was started with engines of 1600 (60 hp), 1600 S (75 hp) and 1500 gs – first Porsche Carrera, who represented the new sports engine 100 hp 1958: Power Porsche 356 A 1500 gs Carrera gt is increased to 110 hp, and was replaced by Speedster Convertible D with a great view through the windshield and the windshield on both sides. 1300 engines removed from production. In 1959, Carrera was the extra power and now became known as the 1600 GS-GT, a sports version (115 hp), de Luxe model (105 hp). Autumn was presented a series of 356 B, a Convertible D renamed the Roadster. 1960 Began production of Porsche Super 90 with special balancing spring on the rear axle.

In 1961 company Karmann, which specializes in Release of body, creates a compartment with rigid roof for Porsche. The roof was permanently affixed, and the silhouette of the car behind got lopped form. In 1962 began production of the Porsche 356 B. Disc brakes are standard on all models, and their presence in all four Wheels – the most significant innovation. A new and better model – Carrera 2 (1966 cc, 130 hp). 1963 – access to the world's first 911, which was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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The Engine March 30, 2016

And if the car feeding gaseous effect will undoubtedly be, as the oxygen supply to the engine will increase, but the engine at high speeds consumes as much air from the atmosphere, this increase will be to him invisible. Installation domestic container crane up with gear is suitable only for medical purposes. By car this increase yields a small effect at low revs, and at high almost goes to zero. In dragreysinge motors with high speed and increase torque at low engine speeds is inefficient. So why are we so important liquid nitrous oxide to accelerate the engine? Conventional physics: compare-how many molecules in the gaseous matter, and in the same liquid substance.

Well, for example, water in vapor form, as you need a pair that would get killogramm? Try to fill a quart jar one kilogram of steam. Probably need a lot of effort? And if you fill a gallon Bank kilogram of water? Easily. The same can be said about the engine and nitrous oxide. It makes no sense at first volatile substances, and then try hard to shove him a little more. It is believed that if the air 21% oxygen, and nitrous oxide 36% – respectively horsepower may be increased in 1,7 times. Yes, it is provided that the engine block the flow of air, and will come gaseous nitrous oxide in its pure form. Imagine how much atmospheric Air consumes Drahovo motor, 10,000 on engine speed? Assume the average motor sports for one 13 second race at Drage 'eats' almost 2 kg of air, or 1500 liters.

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