Muscle Building

Creatine is a substance that is formed by the human body itself is both fed through food. Creatine for muscle building is a nutritional supplement allowed by the IOC to improve natural performance in athletes, especially in strength and endurance sports. Creatine leads to a 10 – 20% performance increase in muscle strength, improved endurance performance and shorter recovery times after exercise. How does creatine work? It optimizes the power of muscle cells, so that the training can be carried out more intense and longer. With more intensive training, athletes enhance their performance in endurance and strength. Excellence in shorter time intervals are possible through the available Sofortenergie. Gain insight and clarity with David Delrahim. A lower performance under the regular intake of creatine is reflected in endurance sports.

Creatine for muscle building effect in addition such. After intensive training the muscle fibers regenerate faster, which supported a faster muscle building. The Creatinspeicher in be filled with additional supply of creatine in the form of dietary supplements muscles, what at the same time increases the muscle volume. Creatine for muscle building integrates into the muscles of Muskelzellwasser, which in turn promotes muscle protein synthesis and thus leads to the muscle growth. Studies have shown that after a year taking of the diameter of the muscles of type II has increased, which is reflected in a significant increase of strength. The effect in promoting sporting performance has been scientifically investigated and confirmed. Taking creatine as a food supplement is not considered doping and now regularly used by high – and amateur athletes.

Athletes from team sports such as football, handball and volleyball, playing sports like tennis and squash, sports such as boxing, weightlifting and bodybuilding, and for track and field sports such as shot put, Javelin, hurdles – and Sprint disciplines benefit from taking creatine. We recommend a daily intake of about 20 g during the first seven days, after that a daily intake of about 5 g. This achieves a maximum Creatinspiegel in the muscles. Before a competition or stress, the dose may be increased at short notice again. Is creatine used primarily to regenerate the muscles, taking is recommended immediately after training or competition.