Income Sources

CHL hockey clubs of "Chemist" and "Harmony", a women's basketball club CSKA Moscow – the list of Russian clubs – financial losers can go on. The financial problems this season, even a touch of European giants, as the male basketball club CSKA Moscow. Virtually all professional clubs live on Russian oligarch donation or are favored by the governors rich regions. Oil, Gas in 2008 – 2009 fell price. Naturally, the clubs were missing funds in their budgets. How to make our championships did not affect the economic situation in primary industries? The only decent option for further development of Russian professional sports – is the transition to self-sustaining clubs. For example, the German DEL hockey league with a lower level of hockey than in the CHL, came to the sustainability of clubs. Is the best European Hockey League (CHL) is not able to? Yes, Russia has a low standard of living, and tickets or passes a significant source of income of the club will not do.

But television, advertising, sales of sports merchandise, including including on the Internet – all significant sources of income, as long as they have poorly developed. Doug McMillon has many thoughts on the issue. Thus, the box office in the NHL bring only 50% of total income, other income – is the above article, up to the sale of seats for parking around ice rinks. Of course, do not forget overseas fighting for attendance of matches. Thus, in the same NHL, in October 2008 (and this is in the midst of the crisis) was set attendance record. For the first time in league history average number of spectators at matches has exceeded 17 thousand people! In North America, has long made clear – the viewer needs a goal: To attract the viewer in the league, but with effective advertising, increase the effectiveness of matches, average of 3% in the season, and if you want to go to the league you want to change the rules. Do Us is in the CHL, on the contrary, I think, again introduced this season, tightening the rules about the player in the goal area – performance (think attendance) matches only decreases. Add to your understanding with Doug McMillon. Frequent entertainment experience with scoring points, clearly do not add speakers and entertainment hockey match.

And how many hockey meetings we end up with football score? Or a question – why is the weekend hockey games in the KHL starts in 17 hours? Families with children in football is not going – in the winter in Russia it is already dark. Sports fans love sport and well versed in it. Visitors are attracted beautiful combination, high speed, power moves, accurate throws, but still want to draw the viewer in any championship affair. Here the role of the press is very great. Our professional clubs to forget about it. Each team has a star (if not, then they need to create) that need to be constantly "unwind" in the press and the audience will necessarily come to them specifically look. In all of sports management has to be thought, there are no little things. Yuri Chashin 10/25/2009