Friedrich Nietzsche

After almost two months without vital signs show Sim n Royo, we expected an item over its golden series “immaterial labor” with the Messiah Simonastro lately claiming we are delighted to imitate the Marxist Toni Negri. But no.His latest essay has just appeared at number 49 of the magazine A Part Rei , with the “transcendent” title Friedrich Nietzsche and Christianity: From criticism of religion to the death of God (format PDF ), which is what we to deconstruct today. Royo-Dear bloggers, The twenty-three pages that make up this embody the ultimate expression of boredom ever experienced in the mortal flesh own who writes. It must be sad to be his critics the only living beings able to swallow this stolid tost n almost transports us to nirvana, or more precisely, to languish in the prone position. It appears that your taunts about Nietzschean pretensions we have made on our blog jokingly have not yet made a dent.Now you’d better, because today we’re not going to forgive or one … This essay explains Simon-Royo – is a rehash of the fourth chapter of his thesis-disclosure-san-juanesque tickets to post-humanism (UNED, 2005). A party is supposed to Rei is a magazine of a packaging and, therefore, would be logical to look after a little more formal content of his publications (development of ideas, rigor in quotations, spelling, style, syntax, etc.). . Anyway, you should demand the same quality as any other serial publication, albeit from Rei appears online. So that we imagine that in reality, nobody, absolutely nobody monitors what is being published here … Do not worry. Since we take care! Not for nothing, but Simon Royo back to reveal the formula of garlic soup.Will be for candor or ignorance, but we are convinced that the thesis, the student proposes a course to be genuine and innovative and demonstrate shelling along their work. If this article accurately reflects the thesis refurbished directed by Quentin Racionero broody only left us mourning the minimal level set by the scurrilous politicking and oozing. For those who want to save a couple of hours of their precious, I summarize below the “content” of your item. Do not be ‘repeat the garlic. “You are warned! Sim n Royo, as we have come, stuff the turkey with quotes insubstantial, fragmented, and decontextualized.