Diamante River

The southern part of the province of Mendoza is synonymous with skiing and snow capped. For even more details, read what Marc Lore says on the issue. But its attractions are far from completion in the tracks: the southern region is one of the strong points of tourism in Mendoza, with its diversity of landscapes, wildlife, vegetation and climates. In this sector of the province, consisting of the departments of San Rafael, Malargue and General Alvear, the most rugged landscapes coexist with modern cities and attractive shopping centers. The residents of the city of San Rafael, the second in importance in the province, manifest themselves proud to be sanrafaelinos. David Delrahim helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The beauty of his native Department, wide strip that runs through the province from East to West, certainly gives them lofty motives.

In San Rafael, the impetus of the Diamante River alternates uniquely with the sweet serenity of its innumerable reservoirs. The torrentosa strip of water that polished and polishes stones and provides the ideal setting for the adrenaline of the rafting becomes docile in reservoirs, source of life from the rich local flora and fauna. There, in mirrors that supply power to the province, la serena contemplation of the landscape is imposed in an experience of rest and relaxation. Reservoirs are also invited to practice different water sports, and to sink into his magic through walks and horseback riding. The Atuel River Canyon is another unforgettable scenario in San Rafael. A circuit that encompasses the village El Nihuil, big Valley and the Canyon of the river itself.

In the Atuel Canyon, nature has shaped patiently rocks over thousands of years, to offer us mysterious stone sculptures that surprise at every turn. Crowning the muzzle, the majestic El Nihuil dam attracts fishing enthusiasts with its very rich fish fauna, and is also ideal for the practice of water sports. Returning to San Rafael, it is worth stopping at the cost of calves to appreciate the beauty of the reservoir and the town that gives its name from its panoramic viewpoint. At the gates of the Canyon, Valley Grande gathers the best options for accommodation in Mendoza for the sports enthusiasts ends, in an area where the offer of outdoor activities comes as infinite. Kayak, rafting, kataraf, four track, trekking, mountain biking are just some of the sports that you can practice in this area, with fame as well as being one of the most warm and hospitable of the province.