Capper Such

When a player is white or black stripe, the player will still increase their bets. In the first case, the player thinks that should be put now on a major until the suit goes, but to Unfortunately, sooner or later when losing in the second case, the player increases the bet in the hope of revenge, but as a rule, these players just poured all his bank is now playing on the types of betting strategies, we distinguish two systems rates, which allow the bank to increase short-term first system of sports betting involves playing Fleta, 50% of the current game of the bank. Fleta game involves constantly put a fixed amount, but in this case – is a permanent fixed 50% of current bank, ie the first bet 50% of the bank, if thereafter the bank became equal to, for example, 140% of the original, then Next rate is 70% of the original bank or all of the same 50% but from new bank.

This strategy allows you to quickly increase the pot in a short time and with such a strategy, the bank will never be zero. To play on this strategy, you need to choose how much income you want and get on it calculate the approximate time of turnover of money on statistics for the last time your projections or forecasts Capper, during this time you should not take money out of circulation The second system of sports betting – it’s gonna get that means to put the same amount, for example, 10 thousand, until he begins losing streak, after losing the bid amount increases by 2 times, ie, has already put 20 thousand rubles Thus in terms of money betting system Dogon can win all the bets in a row, but this is the most risky of all policies, which should be used if the statistics allows the prediction matches Capper Such a system is advantageous to use rates when Capper ranked forecasts lose 2 times in a row is rare and certainly not a long series of defeats. Its rates for such a system to play is not recommended.