Boys Cadets

He sings for the entire hall, but during the concert, every student feels Sergey sings for him personally. This – a rare gift. And Sergey Kovalevsky, it belongs to the fullest. The desire to create for the people of Sergei generates a grateful response. His gladly invited to speak at rock festivals and book writing songs as a gift to the audience. He gladly takes part in charity events.

He, like the famous and talented singer-songwriters writing instruct the sports anthems. On matches Orenburg hockey club, "Gazprom-OSU" sounds hymn team. It was commissioned to write Sergey Kovalevsky songs in order, which he himself subsequently fulfilled. If you would like to know more then you should visit Marc Lore. "It is not difficult to write if s and s to a?" – Was asked author. "Not at all, – said Sergey – the creation of corporate anthems for enterprises, companies, corporations – is, above all, work for people. To write songs for people – this is my calling! "Songs that Sergei is preparing for his solo album, characterize it better the most accurate word. Everyone remembered for his lyric "Fresh Wind," written several years ago. But it's different – fresh, new, hot – heard his new songs: "Disturbed Night", "pop songs", "My Rock," "neighbor", etc.

I found myself Sergei and educational activities. So selflessly love the guitar, and so be able to transmit this love to his disciples, perhaps, can only he, and no more on the Russian platform. But better that his students will vote for yourself! Vladimir Ilyin, 11 years old. – I tried to play the guitar in this tutorial, but nothing came of it. And Sergey Kovalevsky started taking guitar lessons and started playing, well, Of course, not very smoothly, but on the second lesson. Kristina Selivanova, 12 years old. – I do not believe that it is easy to play the guitar. I have obtained very good! By the fifth lesson, I already knew how to play his favorite song, the group Ranetki – "Boys Cadets'! Ability and, most importantly, the desire to transfer his talents to children – not this, in essence, is the meaning of human existence? Of course, at that. Sergei, being quite a young man was able to realize this truth. Listening to his songs, reading his poetry, watching the progress of his students, it is impossible not to agree: the real talent is talented in everything! But his most important gift – the gift of generosity. That same infinite goodness, which is so characteristic of Sergey Kovalevsky – composer, poet, singer, musician, teacher.