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Marcus Hein July 29, 2016

This means Two things: First, they are well employed in tasks, where it comes for example, to detect errors or to avoid. Also, the supervisor in the leadership that may make. Because big goals don’t motivate these staff. There are things that staff would like to avoid, so a product defect, the weakening of the own reputation or otherwise. In my seminars, I train with executives to recognize the employee motivation strategies.

This is a new kind of leadership and for the one or the other participants initially hard work. Just the modern brain research today confirmed that it is not possible to external motivation. Brain researchers identify the three major congenital motivators: striving for growth and striving for social binding strive for freedom,. These three motivators are pronounced differently. One will do whatever it takes to be free, to enjoy personal freedom and it would be regardless of another, what he must do to just include. An error of Leadership is that it transmits your own preference on the staff. I’ve seen managers who wanted to weld a team together, put frequent joint meetings, tasks jointly transferred employees and the payment based on team performance, because they are themselves primarily motivated by social affiliation. Let someone who strives for freedom or personal growth, is not impressed by this framework, even more put off.

My eBook book inspired leadership”, I imagine the different motivation strategies. Task of leadership is to recognize these motivators. Task of leadership is also to identify targets and to formulate her brain. This is often a real challenge for executives. And even note in practice, how much target phrases can have more energy if they are brain-friendly formulated. Brain-friendly destinations? Know now many decades We, that we, not ‘ can understand. To process information we need to process them. The information you can’t now break go.”can handle our brain only in a certain way: it imagines that we go to the break. And then it would need to strikethrough this idea not to follow them. Unfortunately, strike-out does not go into our head but. “Come in the brain: you can now go to the break.” Only with additional brain engineering effort we will not go probably yet to break, because our brain to this information is more information. Objectives should be always positive. And they should be so formulated as the target was already achieved. Alone these two criteria create a new, brain-friendly quality of leadership. Also: The flexible leads. Governance models do not help here. Often I watch executives, that they are not flexible enough. They have a strategy and repeat almost mantra moderately, No matter whether it works or not. This makes predictable executives and then they no longer lead. Executives must therefore exercise flexibility, especially in the use of language. That’s the best in a relaxed state. Will therefore be laughing in my seminars much. In some seminars I offer also relaxation techniques, so that have learned better is linked in the brain, and participants take this relaxation in everyday management. Because under pressure and stress no one can give a good performance, and certainly not excellent.

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Excursions In Mendoza – Pure Adrenalin July 14, 2016

The zone of Whose it is lent wonderfully for the tourism accomplishment ventures, being able to carry out all type of excursions. Mendoza outdoors offers to the tourist an ample trowel of possibilities as far as the practice of activities, because it counts on landscapes and scenes apt for all the disciplines. For those who enjoy the aquatic activities, Mendoza has the characteristic to offer to rivers of great volume, with jumps and expresses dreamed for rafting or the boating. Also, there is an endless number of docks that they look for to take advantage of the force these Andean rivers, reason why they have formed great amount of Lagos artificial, where other aquatic sports like windsurf, navigation to candle or speedboat racing can be practiced (in the zones allowed for such activity). The mountainous chain that crosses the province of north to the south reaches its point of maximum altitude in the continent. This zone of the planet is world-wide famous by the tips that offer attractive an irresistible one for the lovers of the montaismo.

One of the landmarks in the life of any climber is it conquers of the top of the Aconcagua Hill, with almost 7000 ms of height. Although they exist great amount of of refuges, and every year is expected numerous interested that they look for to make top, the Aconcagua has acquired great amount of lives. Between the different mountainous tips also there are glacier infinities, that constitute an important potable water reserve for the population of the place. In the Aconcagua, the most important glaciers are the Pole and the English, calls thus commemorating the groups of andinistas of these nationalities that their lives ofrendaron trying to conquer this patagnico giant. Another possibility of enormous interest for those who enjoy active vacations is the crossing of the $andes. Generally, this excursion lasts one week and it becomes horse.

The participants spend the night in camps struck at the moment, and sleep in carps under the gorgeous mendocino sky. But it is not this whole which the tourism and the excursions in Mendoza must to offer. To few minutes of the capital city this the hill Arc, a place where it is possible to carry out flights in hang-glider, of minimum difficulty. For this reason it is the ideal place to realise the flights of baptism accompanied by an instructor, having the possibility of being able to appreciate to bird flight the spectacular mendocino landscape.

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Special Education July 7, 2016

This article mentions the AEE to it (Specialized Educational attendance) that regular the deficient children need and the school, in partnership with the Special Education, are obliged to offer, therefore, what we witness in the current schools, it is the absence of deficient pupils and they have when them, they do not provide necessary conditions for the access to the knowledge. All have right the education of quality, independently of its physical, mental, intellectual condition, motor etc. Word-key: Education, Deficiency and Integration. Introduction At the moment of the history of the education that we are living, the great new features in the educational scope that we know to each day, the demand of special pupils with necessities that we accumulate of stocks frequently, make coming back in them, with much tenacity, toward this so necessary and urgent question that permeia our community in the current days: AEE (Atendimento Educacional Especializado). We see, in our schools, pupils with diverse special necessities without receiving specialized attendance.

This makes in them to reflect on this subject and to search improvements so that let us can transform the lives of these pupils and its familiar ones. We perceive, in elapsing of little time of study in this area, an excessive lack in what it says respect to the pupils with necessities and the type of attendance that the schools offer to them. We know pupils with deafness, of low vision, physical deficiency, intellectual deficiency, among others that they do not receive educational attendance in the multi-functional rooms and are in the regular rooms without no attendance adjusted for its deficiency, many of them, for its deficiency more to be accented (blind children, children with cerebral paralysis, global upheavals of development etc.) and due to knowledge of the proper parents at least they are registered the regular school, a time that, according to Declaration of Salamanca, the Convention of Guatemala, the Federal Constitution and the LDBEN all has access right to the education, therefore, it is not more acceptable than in our society it has not registered deficient pupils in the regular school and without the Specialized Educational Attendance. At last, it is hour of us educators and all that fight for a better Education our population to search the Educational Attendance Specialized for all the pupils with necessities special. Therefore, with the legislaes in endorsing in all context of the Special Education, we will be able to reach a learning more effective for our deficient pupils.

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