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Mirrors Trainer February 22, 2014

A professional soccer player of the considered ones of first level assumes that, not only she receives (splendidly, by the way) to demonstrate on a game land its virtues with the ball in the feet, also to maintain a behavior and an education that any sportsman must remember more always in the exercise of his activity and if she belongs to the group of the calls of elite that are followed by thousands of children and young people to whom to a certain extent they are forced to give a good example. Lamentably there are some professionals (), that they are in the mind of any fan, which they do not know to behave within a field with the minimum indispensable education, and this not only it is worth for a sportsman, I also make it tensile for any person. When his trainer replaces in the course of a party, exerting freely the responsibilities and rights of his position, by the way they fit, it negatively and some no longer are thing of which they put bad face, leave the field protesting, others watch at their technician with challenging aspect, some until are even faced with him and some more recriminates daring it and until it insults to him. Others, for that reason thank heavens not educated, deny to their trainer the hand to him when this it approaches to congratulate them. If this it is the sport mirror in which they are had to watch our small soccer players bad example we are giving them for when they are majors.

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Club State February 10, 2014

Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro x Flamengo, 1912 As she is known, the Club of Flamengo Regattas entered the soccer in 24.11.1911, when, in general meeting, she created a section of terrestrial sports, to accomodate the players who, unsatisfied with Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, had moved of club. What almost never it is remembered is that the ingression of the rubro-black in the 1912 championship had the support of Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro. According to Toms Mazzoni, after the incorporation of the formerones, division of Liga remained the admission in 1. He was when ' ' the proper Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, under the initiative of its director next to Liga, Mario Polar region, helped with affection the acceptance of the Flamengo for the vacant that Liga opens for the 1912 championship, therefore recognized that the ingression of a new club would benefit to the championship carioca' '. America x Villegaignon, 1915 First championship of basketball of Liga Metropolitan of Sports Athlticos (the same one of the soccer), first turn.

Game marked between America and Villegaignon but this does not appear. America simply refused the points of the W and insisted on one new date for the departure. According to Alfredo Guillermo Koehler, one of the founders of America (in 1904), introducer of basquete in the club (in 1912) and player of the American teams, ' ' no glory results of triumphs assim' '. Then, new departure was marked. America lost for 32×15 e, with this, finished in third place, exceeded for the Villegaignon, that was with vice-championship. Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro x Is Cristvo, 1924 In the championship of voleibol, Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro and Is Cristvo finishes tied up to in first place. In the sattle of matter game, the club cadet was successful.

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The Majority February 4, 2014

2.2.4? Increase of the volume of residues Allies to these problems of housing, of the ambient point of view the great urban centers and the areas metropolitans if confrot with a volume of solid residues, constituted of the residential garbage, industrial garbage, hospital garbage, for the rubbish of the civil construction and for the question of the treatment of the sanitary exhaustions. Beyond of this, centers and areas of these dimensions if still confrot with the problems of floodings and floods, decurrent amongst other factors, of the canalization of streams, natural escoadouros of rains, and the destruction of the ciliar bush of its edges. In the areas metropolitans and the majority of the great urban centers, the quality of air diminishes to each day, in result of the pollution of the vehicles and, in great number of cases, of the industrial pollution, due to presence of plants. 2.2.5? Problems of transports In the whole world if recognize that, in the present time, displacement is synonymous of suffering, either serving themselves of the public transport, either appealing to the private transport. The use of the public transports implies in an extreme time of and waits, with long lines and extreme time of displacements and, in many situations, with necessity of overflow, implying, in turn, in more open assembly time and more expenses with transports.

The fleets of more insufficient collective transports are each time to supply one increasing demand of users, leading the trips you discomforted for its supercapacity. The ways of transports have that to hold volume of traffic of vehicles, collective and private, above and beyond its limits. This leads to the worsening in the quality of the ways, due to extreme overload of vehicles, that leads to the worsening in its conditions of use, becoming the delayed displacements more still. In relation to the private transports, still the inconveniences exist to park and to keep the vehicles.

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