Tinnitus in a problem (or symptom) very common that it affects people of all the ages, but perhaps one of the age niches where they affect more their annoyances is in the adolescence. The adolescent is a person of changing, generally irritable character and with ” problemas” very subjective often product of the own age, […]

The Time

The Time the time for the thought is not static, is always imprisoned between the past and the future, the society lives projecting its yearnings and aspirations in tomorrow. What we make, what we conquer, everything this makes with that the people if put into motion between the past and the future. The technology, at […]

Being Successful

The precocious ejaculation is the name that occurs to the ejaculation that takes place early during the sex. Even though there is not much scientific information about the ideal duration of a sexual relation, speech of precocious ejaculation when this one happens before or immediately after the penetration, in fact takes place before which would […]


As much in the learning phase, as in the phases of perfectionist and training in swimming, what it is observed is the repetition of the movements. The proposal of this practical is to awake in the pupils the attention for the knowledge of the proper body, as main factor for such practical, and not it […]