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Churchill Fear July 28, 2013

Winston Churchill once said that "Courage is the most important of all virtues, which determines all the rest." Many people who tend to occupy leadership positions face some obstacles that prevent them to do it. According to some psychologists, are the main barriers of resistance, which stand in the way of leadership growth. In the first place – our inner barriers, which include our habits, beliefs, mistakes, limitations. Also, it is our fears, anger, uncertainty, and which prevent us from going to the goal. They fear potential leaders? Fear of new situations.

Many people who want to become leaders, can not do it, because they prefer the security and convenience than the risk and novelty. New situation for them seem more dangerous than those that already exist. Fear of vulnerability. People often avoid situations in which they may do hurt, and hurt disrupt their internal psychological well-established. Behavior and expectations of others.

Quite often, family, friends limit so-called leader of the effort. After all, his zeal and commitment will lead to new successes and achievements, and this can cause animosity and jealousy on their part. Self-doubt. Development is often hampered by the fact that people do not believe in themselves and in their competence. It must be remembered that no one else may not make you change. During your development you answer yourself. So you face a choice: to learn and gain experience or conversely ignore the lessons learned to prefer the safety and allow laziness and uncertainty take over.

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Buzzing In Ears Causes And Cure Of The Ringing In The Ears July 8, 2013

He is suffering from ringing ears or listening to constant noises in his head? Are you difficult time falling asleep because of the annoying noise in your ears? This is a symptom of what is called tinnitus, and it is caused by several things. Knowing a little about the causes you can face your condition or even completely eradicate the tinnitus. The causes of tinnitus there are many causes of tinnitus, and some can be serious congenital conditions. The congenital cause refers to a birth defect of the baby due to genes inherited from parents. Also one of the conditions that can cause ringing of ears is atherosclerosis, which can lead to cardiovascular diseases and also cause carotid artery aneurysm. These are serious conditions, which must be controlled and confirmed through medical examinations.

Other causes of buzzing in ears are stress, bad hygiene, allergies and ear infections. In fact, there are many possible causes of tinnitus, due which is so difficult to cure the disease. The causes of tinnitus should be identified and then treated to eliminate the symptoms that afflict him, however, there are many effective treatment together with processes of diagnosis reliable. Therefore, it is very difficult to identify the disease to eliminate its root cause and end with noises in the ears. It is more, all physicians, regardless of their talent and their good intentions and its commitment to help the suffering, can find a cure to the disease, since they are fairly limited by the traditional medical system. Cure for tinnitus cure must be performed on the basis of the cause of the hum of ears, from which the therapy is made. With the cause of the symptom cure treatment. If the cause is atherosclerosis, are below prescribed necessary medicines against cholesterol to be taken to cure atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is the thickening of the blood vessels due to the excess of cholesterol or fat. This is the reason for the which is a change in diet and the consumption of medicines needed to treat the main causes that generate the symptom, i.e. the constant hum of ears of the affected person. If it manages to eradicate what is causing the symptoms, the disease disappears along with the symptoms. If the cause is stress, relaxation techniques, should be used which may include breathing exercises and yoga techniques. If there is infection in the ear problems, medications suitable as antibiotics must be used. These are some of the treatments that you can use to cure ringing in the ears or tinnitus. One of the key factors in the cure of the disease is that the affected person much report about your problem, before the symptoms begin to worsen.

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A Miracle Worker July 2, 2013

Personally, caused me much happiness that Dr. Capaya Rodriguez will be identified with Baba, until your first child a time with Baba in his Ashram. I had a time in centres of Sai Baba in Valencia, city in where I worked as a teacher and consultant companies and where you gave me one of the contacts more transcendent, as it was on my return from death, because I was in a coma nine days and in a moment of lucidity, when are I explained in that was my gravity, because he didn’t know what had happened to me, entered me the concern that you could repeat. My anguish was so significant, that me chord of Sai Baba, then, I asked him to give me a sign if he was to go on living, the nurses who cared me permanently listened when I said: Baba to me of an itching strong throughout my body if I have more life. The pedi with great faith. A few hours after I was given a desperate itching, spent scratching me throughout the body, in such a situation, nurses called doctors to see if it was medicinal product taking, Sera that I put, doctors determined that none of this was the cause, then was when one of the nurses agreed and told me:-_ the cause of all this is a request you made to a man named Babaprobably him it has replied to your request, ask him to remove it-, I remembered this and actually thanked him for the answer and in a short minutes disappeared – that because it has been 16 years. It is true, physically I was never with Sai Baba, despite having promised to go to the India to share with their rituals in his Ashram, to see if he could interview me, but not is has given me the opportunity, although it remains in foot that trip, because I keep a very significant spiritual bond with the India, and I visit other Ahsram of garues whom I respect as RamanamaharshiVivecanananda, Orubindo, Yogananda, among others Baba will always be in my memory and I have no doubt that his mission has fulfilled it.

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