Wilver Moreno

About detritus, Wilver Moreno Gladys Mendia currently the landscape of poetry in Peru is effervescent voices young but clearly ripe in the literary craft and as in all Nuestramerica, diversity, experimental openings beyond all imaginable limits. The great activity of concerts, presentations of books, magazines, performances, festivals, among others, show great drive and creative movement of Peruvian literature. Just at this juncture is Wilver Moreno, (Ayacucho, 1982. Student of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and a member of the literary group El Club of the Serpent) poet that he has been in several books anthology. Under most conditions CEO of e-commerce would agree. The year 2009 has published poems detritus, by parachute editors, important editorial in his country which has been years spreading the literary work. Detritus powerfully caught my attention since the first time, open a poetry book with a quote from the book of Job, already announces the tone, the atmosphere in which I’ll be wrapped: skin and meat me coveredst and nerves and bones I tejiste. More information is housed here: Frank Ntilikina. Absorb me the tone of a voice in break, who knows its limits, which has seen the stony roads and released barefoot in the endless pursuit.

An imaginary hands, mouths, legs, eyes, tongue, whole body throb, statewide dense and in some poems the musicality of the sonnet: human mouth, crowned, and open, ennegreces the path shown, narrow and abismas to the shave, which tempts, wounded, some purity. Verse to verse shows that bodily extensions are wide canals, bridges towards other unfathomable kingdoms where the same body obeys other laws. The mental states that produce external stimuli as the drizzle, cold, moisture, aromas and silence, are exalted and produce brief meditations, agreements and disagreements with himself. The poems of Wilver Moreno achieves an exceptional tension: on the one hand the desagarro be facing and accepting its weight, its vital cargo, on the other hand the denial of this and recognition of the incorporeal: I am not that falls as animalnocturno or my body that stretches as reptile. I do not see. I feel no more pain or more affection.

Detritus is the great crossing of the body and its parts by internal and external urban spaces, their crosses with time and space or alteration of them; voice continues her solo singing announcing night death of being, but at the end of the book there is a special meeting, and is the full sensuality, enter the other and find himself. Wilver Moreno (Lima, 1982) student of librarianship and information science at the National University of San Marcos. It integrates the literary group El Club of the serpent. He has participated in the Group Book Club of the serpent: shows Poetics.