Training Exercises

The Internet makes it possible: A complete training software online in the network without installing and completely independent of place for handball, basketball, volleyball and hockey. Berlin is located, a small revolution trainer and instructor for handball, basketball, hockey, and volleyball in the new interactive online portal at in December 2010. Discover sports combines the advantages of a software with the capabilities of Web 2.0 for the first time and provides a drawing and animation program, as well as a comprehensive exercise database on an interactive online platform. The Easy2Coach GmbH, a specialist in training software, launches today, on November 9, 2010, a new online software for handball, basketball, volleyball and hockey sports with high demands on training and player. With Discover sports, there is now a product that combines an exercise database for four disciplines, a practice exchange as well as a drawing and animation program for training exercises in each of the four sports in a portal.

The User on can evaluate all exercises, share on social networks such as Facebook and discuss in the portal. Basic membership in the portal is free of charge. The premium membership with a fully functional one-time costs 99,-. Discover sports is supplemented in the future to other sports such as school sports, badminton and ice-hockey and members will receive all further additions to the portal completely free of charge. We are the only provider that offers an exercise database includes two software solutions for these popular sports.

Members have therefore”access to numerous exercises and already eight high-quality character and animation software solutions in one fell swoop at an unbeatable price, Simon Gorbing, Managing Director of the 2009 founded Easy2Coach GmbH, based in Berlin, has on the development of software for coach Easy2Coach GmbH. about EASY2COACH GMBH and specialized sport clubs is pleased. In addition to the exercise database for coaches and sports instructors, Easy2Coach GmbH offers professional software for football coach of all performance classes. With the Web-based software Easy2Coach interactive, the innovative companies in Germany, Austria, Spain and Switzerland by the circular is represented in the Federal League. Clubs such as the Hamburger Sportverein, FC Schalke 04, VfL Bochum or the 1st use FC Nuremberg St.