The Diestefano

Along with the evolution of football, global context had been evolving from a scientific, political, social and cultural character which argued with the emergence of telecommunications, the neoliberal policies of States among other phenomena, have tried the standardization of processes and economic exchange. Now, all this being a reality that has framed the need for men to improve their quality of life, it is also true that the same man was responsible for convert and become victim of its phenomena. These evolutionary phenomena have led him to robotize so that now only struggle to survive, dogmatizado by the economic emporiums. Of them has been saved even the recreational activity sports (football) which had been established pages above mentioned civilizations went from taste to scare! Our parents recreate us feints and dribbling of the idols footballers of the past. Parties in that, exaggerating a bit attacking everyone. The Diestefano, the Jaircinho, the Socrates, the Cruyff, Beckenbauer, and the incomparable nothing Pele, are and will be the pride and good envied by the way! of those who as they had the good fortune to watch football that made laugh by your arrogance, i.e., the hats, the chalacas, amagues them, the taquitos, in short, everything that today this almost in via of extinction. The question comes so what would think and let well!, what would think the Han dynasty, or the Greeks, the Romans, Italians and English from the past, to see that now, what they tried to establish as an act of social recreation, has become an act of social degradation?? LEGACY of football the economic emporiums that today directed the big teams of World football, which occasionally are anointed by political power, you have been so distorted mutation, who enters the current football shows, also suffers a deplorable metamorphosis, that make you forget their fathers, brothers, sons, still, forget that someone have beside her, with whom maybe loving plans, exist to serve collective edges that perpetuate the best offensive thrust to culture, patriotic or familiar symbol of people from another region. . Marc Lore may not feel the same.