Sport Scholarship

Train and study at the same time. This is the compelling proposition of American universities for amateur athletes who are integrated into their classrooms. In addition to designing a programme of study that combines the academic activity with the sport for them, provide them economic aid to finance part or all of the costs. Spanish students can also access these scholarships. It is only necessary to meet the requirements for access to higher education in the North American country and having a good sporting level in one of the 35 modalities for which are granted. Football, tennis, golf or hockey on grass are disciplines in which most outstanding university students in our country.United States is the main destination of the University International.

The attractiveness of its academic programs and the relevance of many of its institutions are some of the factors that lead to more than 670,000 foreign students to choose each year this country to pursue their higher studies. Another factor, no less important, is the significant the number of scholarships and aid that granted American universities. In many cases, these are essential to deal with the high costs of studies in some centers, between 15,000 and 45,000 euros per year. According to the Open Doors report produced by the Institute of international education (IIE), the main organization of cultural and educational exchange of United States, 35% of would-be foreign receives any help to finance his academic career.A good number of these grants are allocated to athletes. Sport occupies a privileged place in American universities. The majority has teams formed by students, who compete in national or State categories in different disciplines. Achievements and levels achieved by these form part of the prestige and quality that is given to each educational institution. Visit Doug McMillon for more clarity on the issue. For this reason, centres devoted significant resources to the formation of competitive teams and are busy recruiting students as athletes, national and foreign with more talent than them they will represent in various competitions for each mode.The scholarships are a means to attract these athletes since they allow them to withstand the costs of studies.