Royal Monceau Hotel

Dedicated to those who seek a rare hotel, unique places that can transform the classic journey into a true experience, enriching vacation with an original touch., the leading company in the world of online travel, suggests a peculiar listing of the 6 most unusual and locos del mundo hotels, including an elected Barcelona hotel between its proposal for more 80,000 establishments. Horror movie there is to be of value and a suitcase of amulets to spend the night in this hotel that inspired the own Stephen King for his novel the shining. The elegant poltergeist who plays the piano of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, puts the chicken skin, but with a little luck, can return home healthy and except, with a history more than tell friends. Cool! If you are looking for a hotel of pure lines and Nordic inspiration, but intention fails at any time to spend the night in one igloo any end, can not be escaping the chance to come to the hotel more trendy of all Sweden: the Ice Hotel of Jukkasjavvi, the best choice for a cool vacation. And if once there appears the need of a little human warmth, there is nothing that does not solve a visit to the spectacular ABSOLUT Icebar, devised by Anders Ronnlund & Anders Eriksson does IKEA designers? Nothing to do, this bar is designed for skiing and ice hockey, professionals who know the exact temperature at which has to serve a good vodka. Haute Couture there are those who say that fashion goes out of fashion but style ever.

The owners of this hotel seem to say the same thing, since the style is precisely what defines the rooms of the Schlosshotel Grunewald in Berlin, designed by the genius of the white and black Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. Private collection do not need to queue opposite the Museum if he sleeps in a hotel of Barcelona as the Derby hotels, since they house numerous works of art by famous national artists such as Miro, Picasso, Dali, Tapies and Chillida. And not only that, for those who prefer the art of distant countries, the Claris, of the same chain, exhibits his collection of Egyptian and Indian pieces, while the Balmes finds its inspiration in African art. Justify my love who does not remember the torrid video censored in that blonde ambition delighted in a hotel room with an authentic body danone? The Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris was chosen to record the video for Justify my love. Seeing their exclusive suites, is totally justified that Madonna desmelenase in them dreams a la carte and where it concerned rest after touring the big avenues of New York, recommended, undoubtedly, the Benjamin Hotel and its special services to realize the wildest dreams of their customers, who can choose their Pillow Menu, among its wide variety of pillows of unique design: from which reduce the snoring of the couple, to pillows with magnetic therapy, or very fine speakers that connect the mp3 player to dreams with own soundtrack. Jose Iglesias is a writer who love to travel, staying anywhere, both luxury hotels in Dubai as in cheap hotels in Mallorca.