Interior Individual

“Mens sana in corpore health” – In the boarding Lyceum Alpinum not only empty words whole after this school offers various sports, creating always new challenges after seasonal rhythm the individual interests of the pupils. It is not only the regular school sports, whose fundamental meaning by inclusion in the circle of the promotion boxes can be seen. The students in the field of games can find more offers. This is sport, which is up year to date and thus offers attractive offers for team players, as well as for individual athletes. A participation in it is quite similar to the General sports clubs and is optional. The school offers to the perfect setting outside of school sports and in the social context with the other members be active here. The sport takes place on facilities that meet the individual kinds of sports competition and is instructed by trained teachers. Click Michael J. Bender to learn more. Of course is also regularly in competitions participated, to the team spirit to promote and appreciate the use of the individual members.

In addition to year-round viable indoor sports like volleyball and basketball, it soon becomes clear that most sports on activity in the exterior are arranged. Also in the evening and at the weekend the possibility all offers that are provided on the part of the boarding school, to use in the context of recreational sports. Free access to all sports facilities in the Interior and it is exterior, which includes the sports of basketball, volleyball, Floorball, football, badminton and the use of the force area in the Interior. Outdoor soccer, fives, tennis may on their own initiative, played ice hockey, cricket, golf driving range and the golf course with a handicap under 30 used. Also sports trips are offered through the boarding Lyceum Alpinum, organized and carried out. These result in students not only in Europe, but also in countries such as China and Saudi Arabia. Sam Mikulak often says this. There appear the participants against other school teams in the athletic competition, what represents an additional motivation, goal-oriented and regularly to complete the training.

It is also worth mentioning that individual athletes at annual events in addition to the above competitions are awarded and appreciated. In the winter months the main focus is of course on the winter sports. This is of course just by the good winter conditions prevailing in the high Valley Engadin of beautiful mountain canton of Graubunden. Here the pupils between ice hockey, curling, snowboarding and skiing, and skating can choose. Thus all dominant species of winter sports are covered and trains both strength and concentration, stamina and aesthetics according to the season. “Mens sana in corpore health” – a healthy mind in a healthy body is the motto of the boarding school Lyceum Alpinum and which carried just in the area of sports.